West Coast Tour dates announced!

We just announced a bunch of tour dates working our way to the west coast, up and down the west coast, and then driving back to CT.  It's a big 6 week tour from March 12 through April 19.  

Head to our tour dates page and plan your schedule.

It will likely be a while until we can make it back out to the west coast, btw, so take advantage of this tour now.

This tour will be our "normal" live act of just Elizabeth and myself, not with the full band like our dates from Feb. 20 through Feb. 29.  But we will be returning to our "songs out of a hat" set structure where you, the audience, will decide what songs we will play.  You can request an old favorite, a brand new one, or pick one out of a hat.  It's tons of fun and every show is completely unique.  Maybe we'll play all b-sides?  Or Protagonist in full?  It's all based on the audience.