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1000th show tickets 

Hey everyone, for the 1000th show, tickets are $10 adv./$12 door, so it's smart to get them ahead of time. 

Get them tix.

Until the show, Elizabeth and I will be posting about all the special things we're planning on doing at the 1000th show.  We have so many surprises and special things happening.  To start, everyone who comes will get an origami ball filled with SECRETS.  It will be great.  

We both know you want one of them.  Get tickets and see you there.

New song "Thunder Blanket" out now! 

We have a new single called "Thunder Blanket" which is out now everywhere!  Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp....all the places you love.  Oh you use a small, cool, indie streaming service?  It's there too.  Easy to find.  You've searched stuff before. You know how to do it.

This is just a stand along single, not an album announcement or anything.  Just a wonderful tune that we didn't really have a place for.  It's catchy as hell and will get stuck in your head most likely.  You can even dance to it!  Maybe the first PV song that's ever done that!  Fun!

Enjoy, friends.

1000th shows 

We crunched the numbers, counted the paintings, and now we are close to a milestone few bands can dream of....

All the details on the tour page.  

The 1000th show is gonna be huge.  If you go to one Pocket Vinyl show in your life, you'll want to make it that one.  

Touring Test art gallery! 

TONIGHT: 8 PM at the 1UP Gallery in New London, CT.  Elizabeth has her first art gallery entirely of Touring Test comics!

The opening is tonight, and as a part of it, we'll be performing a half hour Pocket Vinyl set.  The gallery will be open for a month, with the closing party on Saturday Aug. 20.  We'll also perform a show then!  

Tonight is a free, all ages show, and refreshments will be served (also free!).  Come hang, read some funny, sweet, profound, and silly comics, and if you'd like, go home with an original for your wall.

Also you can grill Elizabeth on all your pressing TT questions in person.  See you there.

Rose Arts Festival, June 25 

We're playing the Rose Arts Festival in Norwich, CT on Saturday June 25.  It's an all day free festival that takes place all over town.  We'll be doing a full band set, and will have a handful of brand new songs (even brand newer than the album we're currently working on) to play.  Definitely come check it out.  Come be a part of culture.

Get your very own Pocket Vinyl song 

We're going to try something new: song commissions!  We'll write a song about anything you want (within reason) for any kind of occasion or need.  All the details can be found on our bandcamp page:

Song Commissions

Song plus Painting commissions

This feels like it would be a challenge for us, which is why we're doing it.  Only 10 slot open right now.  We're not sure if we'll do this again in the future, but we'll all see how it goes.  Let's make sweet music together!

Join our Patreon today! 

Come join our Patreon by March 1, at any level, and hear some early sneak previews of new songs, months before they're released anywhere else! 

Plus, you'll get all access to the enormous pile of other rewards on there, including a few more special things we'll announce later this month. 

There's not better time to hop on the PV train. Choo choo, y'all.

Tour (mostly) cancelled! 

It comes with a very heavy and depressed heart that we have to announced our (mostly) cancelled upcoming tour. 

COVID is just too bad out there, to the point of being unjustifiable in our minds, regardless of who is vaxxed or boosted. We hope you can all understand. 

HOWEVER, as you can see, we still have our 3 PA shows booked. They're close enough to CT where we could reasonably make it there. This is assuming COVID goes way down by then. We'll continually assess the situation as it gets closer, but for now, we plan on being at those 3 shows. 

Personally, I (Eric here) really miss performing on a stage. We get joy from everything we do, but to me, the peak of this entire thing is our live show and being on stage. I love interacting with you, sharing with you, and the entire back and forth between performer and audience. It far eclipses any negative aspects of touring for all of us. I miss it incredibly. 

But, we've spoken to all the venues we had to cancel, and they all understand and are welcoming us back once we're able to reschedule. We'll keep you updated on when that will be. 

I hope you can all understand. Thanks everyone.

Full band tour announcement! 

We're gonna be hitting the road again as a full band!  This will be the last time for a while we'll be able to do this, so don't hesitate to come see this incarnation of PV.  We'll hopefully add a few more dates but with the pandemic still very much on us, we'll see what happens.  Either way, come see us, bring your friends, and get a painting.  

We absolutely cannot wait to see you on the road.

Huge Annual Art/Music Sale happening right now! 

Once a year, Elizabeth likes to do a huge art sale with up to 50% off literally everything in her Etsy shop.  That sale is happening now! 

And for the first time, we're also doing a huge sale on our music side of things.  Vinyl records, PV shirts, digital music, CD's, etc. are all up to 50% off on our Bandcamp page.  

Sometimes lowering the price of things for sales has the unintentional effect of devaluing the item in question.  We certainly have no intention of implying that with anything on sale here.  We are incredibly proud of all we've done and released, and hope at more affordable prices you can finally get that thing you've had your eye on for a while.