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For any old thing 

For booking inquires

Here you can find our many goals we have as a band.  As you can see, they range from very feasible to completely improbable.  We feel it's important for everyone to know what we're going for with this project.  If you see one where you'd like to help us out in completing, please contact us at

I'm sure we'll add more as the years go on, but here's what we have for right now.

Band Goals: 

-Release at least 3 albums - COMPLETED on Oct. 26 when we released our third album "Death Anxiety"

-Tour the entire east coast, from Maine to Florida - COMPLETED when we played at the Shanty Town Pub in Jacksonville, FL

-Release 5 full length albums - COMPLETED on Jan. 19 2018 with the release of "Uncomfortably Unsure"

-Release 5 EPs

-Release 5 MPs

-Tour the entire west coast, from Washington to Southern California - COMPLETED in March 2015 on our "Perimeter of the Nation" tour

-Play in every state east of the Mississippi River - COMPLETED on Feb. 4 2016 when we played at Circle Bar in New Orleans, LA

-Play at least one show in all of the lower 48 states - COMPLETED on April 1 2019 at The Holland Project in Reno, NV

-Have a two week tour of playing entirely DIY shows

-Beat the world record for "Fastest to Play a Concert in Each of the 50 States" - COMPLETED on April 6 2019 when we finished our last state show at the Dragon Upstairs in Honolulu, HI.  Total world record tour time: 44 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes, 24 seconds

-Play shows in Alaska and Hawaii - COMPLETED on April 5 and April 6 2019 as a part of our world record tour

-Tour Europe

-Tour Australia

-Tour in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and China

-Play at least one show on each continent

-Tour with a full band

-Sell a painting at a show over $100   - COMPLETED at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT on Sept. 23, 2011

-Sell a painting at a show over $500  - COMPLETED at JD's Bar in Green Bay, WI on April 7, 2013

-Sell a painting at a show over $1000

-Get 1,000 facebook fans - COMPLETED on January 25, 2013

-Get 5,000 facebook fans

-Get 10,000 facebook fans

-Get 100,000 facebook fans

-Have a Tiny Desk Concert show on NPR

-Have one of our songs appear on an episode of All Songs Considered

-Have a guest DJ appearance on an episode of All Songs Considered

-Do a "Project Song" with NPR Music

-Appear on an episode of Sound Opinions

-Appear on an episode of Snacky Tunes - COMPLETED on Jan. 9 2012

-Play 50 shows  - COMPLETED at the Dover Teen Center on Oct. 14 2011

-Play 100 shows - COMPLETED at the Tram in Utica, NY on Jan. 21 2012

-Play 250 shows - COMPLETED at Stage Bar in Chicago, IL on April 12 2013

-Play 500 shows - COMPLETED at Mac's Bar in Lansing, MI on Sept. 27 2015

-Play 750 shows - COMPLETEED at Bar None in Uniontown, PA on Feb. 22 2018

-Play 1000 shows

-Sell 500 albums - COMPLETED on April 26, 2012 on The Sister Tour

-Sell 1000 albums - COMPLETED on Jan. 26, 2014 (to our best estimates anyway)

-Sell 5000 albums

-Sell 10,000 albums

-Sell 100,000 albums

-Play a set at Hillstock, the NYC DIY Music Festival - WILL NEVER BE COMPLETED since hillstock stopped in 2013

-Play an acoustic set at the Newport Folk Festival

-Play at least one set at SXSW - COMPLETED at SXSW 2013 (unofficial showcase but still counts because we don't want to go back!  Seriously it sucks there!)

-Play a set at Bonnaroo, Coachella, All Tomorrow's Parties, and Sasquatch

-Play the main stage at any national festival

-Open up for the Mountain Goats

-Open up for Tegan and Sara

-Be involved with something with John Hodgman - COMPLETED when we appeared on the Judge John Hodgman podcast, episode entitled "Rhapsody in Blue"

-Get some press on Stereogum

-Get some press on Paste 

-Have a song get over 50,000 plays on Spotify

-Have a song get over 100,000 plays on Spotify

-Have a song get over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify

-Write a soundtrack for an indie video game (fully orchestrated or chip tune, I'll tackle anything to do this one)

-Write a soundtrack for an movie 

-Have a song in a movie that plays in theaters

-Have a regular PV song in a video game somehow

-Have our own kind of beer (if you work at a brewery, take notice please)

-Release a 7 inch record - COMPLETED on January 5 2013 with the release of "MP1"

-Release a 12 inch record - COMPLETED on Sept. 8 2015 with the release of our 4th album "Tin"

-Play a show at Third Man Records stage

-Release something on Third Man Records

-Release a 7" for Record Store Day

-make a film about DIY touring bands - COMPLETED with the release of "Drive. Play. Sleep."  Watch now on Amazon Prime.

-Have a Christmas song on a volume of the yearly "A Familyre Christmas" albums - WILL NEVER BE COMPLETED because they stopped making them in 2013

-Have some of our music used in a This American Life episode

-Appear on "You Made It Weird" with Pete Holmes

-Be working artists for 3 years - COMPLETED on July 16 2014

-Be working artists for 5 years - COMPLETED on July 16 2016

-Be working artists for 10 years

-Be working artists for 20 years

-Be working artists for 50 years

-Get a session at Daytrotter - COMPLETED ON March 24 2014

-Have a Daytrotter session of ours on an officially released Daytrotter Vinyl

-Be a guest on WTF with Marc Maron

-Be able to afford to tour in a van

-Have a tour for at least 3 weeks where we never sleep in the car even once - COMPLETED in Oct. 2014

-Play a song on a national TV network talk show

-Have a professional figure skater perform to one of our songs (preferably in the Olympics)

-Appear on an episode of Professor Blastoff - WILL NEVER BE COMPLETED - Professor Blastoff stopped happening, thus we will never be on it 

-Have a celebrity tweet about us 

-Make a full length documentary about our lives - COMPLETED with the release of "Drive. Play. Sleep." on Nov. 7 2017

-Go for an entire calendar year without sleeping in our car while on tour - COMPLETED in the year 2017

-Appear as characters in an indie video game in some way

-play a show for 200 people at a non-festival concert

-train a cat with a leash and bring it on tour with us






Elizabeth's Art goals:

-Design a label for a beer

-Illustrate a nationally printed children's book

-Do the art for a graphic novel

-Start a web comic - COMPLETED in May 2017 with the launch of The Touring Test, a semi-autobiographical comic about small touring bands

-See someone on the street that she doesn't know wearing a shirt she designed

-Learn glass blowing


Other non-music goals:

-Eric would like to do voice-over work for video games, movies, TV shows, webisodes, etc.  

-Elizabeth and Eric would like to bike across the USA

-Eric wants to make a tabletop game - COMPLETED when Pushee Pieces was successfully funded via Kickstarter in November 2014

-Elizabeth and Eric would like to write and illustrate a published graphic novel