(Winter Person)

Book, vinyl, and digital versions now available. Streaming everywhere.

Tour (mostly) cancelled!

It comes with a very heavy and depressed heart that we have to announced our (mostly) cancelled upcoming tour. 

COVID is just too bad out there, to the point of being unjustifiable in our minds, regardless of who is vaxxed…

Full band tour announcement!

We're gonna be hitting the road again as a full band!  This will be the last time for a while we'll be able to do this, so don't hesitate to come see this incarnation of PV.  We'll hopefully add a…


Full band performance of "Apocalypse Voice"

A few weeks ago, we recorded this in studio performance for the purposes of getting something to pitch to larger venues to get opening slots for bands much bigger than ourselves.  No idea if it'll actually work BUT it did…


40 day writing marathon

This feels very vulnerable, but when I feel that about showing you all art, I find it usually means that I should share it.

For 40 (mostly) consecutive days, I tried to write something every single day, be it a…


www.thetouringtest.com launch!

Surprise!  We have a new website solely dedicated to Elizabeth's comic "The Touring Test."  Please go check it out.


More excitingly, we have launched a new continuous comic story on there called "Lucifer and the Predetermined Timeline", which is…


"Winter Person/Hygge" vinyl edition out now!

After months of delays, we finally got the vinyl record for the new album(s)!  If you supported the Kickstarter, or preordered it through Bandcamp, you can expect a package soon.  If you didn't do either of those things, fear not…