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Huge Annual Art/Music Sale happening right now! 

Once a year, Elizabeth likes to do a huge art sale with up to 50% off literally everything in her Etsy shop.  That sale is happening now! 

And for the first time, we're also doing a huge sale on our music side of things.  Vinyl records, PV shirts, digital music, CD's, etc. are all up to 50% off on our Bandcamp page.  

Sometimes lowering the price of things for sales has the unintentional effect of devaluing the item in question.  We certainly have no intention of implying that with anything on sale here.  We are incredibly proud of all we've done and released, and hope at more affordable prices you can finally get that thing you've had your eye on for a while.

Full band performance of "Apocalypse Voice" 

A few weeks ago, we recorded this in studio performance for the purposes of getting something to pitch to larger venues to get opening slots for bands much bigger than ourselves.  No idea if it'll actually work BUT it did at least produce this fantastic video.  Huge thanks to Nuk Lab Recording Studios.  If you're looking for a great and pretty affordable studio to record in, definitely check them out.  We'll likely be working more with them in the future.

40 day writing marathon 

This feels very vulnerable, but when I feel that about showing you all art, I find it usually means that I should share it.

For 40 (mostly) consecutive days, I tried to write something every single day, be it a riff, chord progression, lyric, whatever. The exercise is just to try to get something down, even if it sucks, to force my brain into a creative state, rather than waiting for inspiration to just happen. 

This video features a snippet of each thing I wrote. Some of these will likely become future PV songs. Then again, maybe all of them will be scrapped. We'll see. 

These are all VERY early, barely even sketches of songs. I always find this part of the process super interesting and I've always wanted other artists to show them, so I figured maybe some of you would find this engaging.

"Drive. Play. Sleep." now on Youtube! 

For a limited time this summer, we decided to put up "Drive. Play. Sleep." on Youtube for free.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's now the free-est it's ever been.  Great doc to watch to get you excited about shows coming back so very soon.

This film is one of the things we're proudest about in our career, and even though we released it in 2017, I think it's held up decently for the last 4 years.  Hopefully it'll hold up for many more.

Pocket Vinyl on Reddit 

Some enterprising fan has created an r/pocketvinyl page on Reddit.  It is currently a fairly empty place, but if you are a frequent Reddit user and wish to connect with other PV fans about anything, this would be the place to do it.  

Talking about music with strangers is fun at times, but also can get old quickly.  Here are some PV topics we recommend you talk to other fans about:

-sexuality and your relationship to it
-what you think may happen after we die
-what kinds of hopes have helped you push through during the pandemic
-which certain songs by any artist are technically depressing but give you joy
-theology and all that it encompasses
-your favorite color(s)

All great conversation starters.  PV fans are spread very thinly all over the Earth, so I hope this can be a place for a few of you to connect.  

www.thetouringtest.com launch! 

Surprise!  We have a new website solely dedicated to Elizabeth's comic "The Touring Test."  Please go check it out.


More excitingly, we have launched a new continuous comic story on there called "Lucifer and the Predetermined Timeline", which is a romantic comedy with a theological/sci-fi twist about questioning free will.  The first 5 pages are up, with new pages being posted every Wednesday and Saturday for the foreseeable future.

We have been working on this story for a while, and it is incredibly exciting to finally bring the start of it to you.  It'll be around 200 pages long, and we'll definitely be publishing it as a graphic novel once we're finished.  I know this barely qualifies as "band/music" stuff, but we all knew that PV is more than just a "band" a long time ago, right?

"Winter Person/Hygge" vinyl edition out now! 

After months of delays, we finally got the vinyl record for the new album(s)!  If you supported the Kickstarter, or preordered it through Bandcamp, you can expect a package soon.  If you didn't do either of those things, fear not, we have many copies.  Go get one now.

You can just get the vinyl, or the book (if you don't collect vinyl, comes with digital download), but we recommend getting them together.  It really completes the entire package of what this album is.  It is music, comics, puzzles, and most importantly: hope.

Enjoy every aspect of it.  It is the most ambitious and beautiful album we've ever put together, in all aspects.

Can't wait to perform all these songs for you live.  Soon.

Album Cover of the Year 

We (well, Elizabeth) got the #1 slot for Belwood Music's "Top 10 Album Covers of the Year" for her work on Winter Person.  And rightly so.  She knocked it out of the park with this one in what is probably our best album cover.  We're also sitting with some great heavy hitters on this list, which feels great.  Far too often, being a small unsigned band, people will compare us with other small unsigned bands rather than bigger established ones.  However, we feel our music/art holds up with bands at all other levels in it's own way, and it's satisfying to be compared with the "big boys" on this list and win the top spot.  

We're the kind of band where the album covers and live paintings are just as important to what we do as the music.  We're glad this reflects that.  Thanks again Belwood Music!