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Album Cover of the Year 

We (well, Elizabeth) got the #1 slot for Belwood Music's "Top 10 Album Covers of the Year" for her work on Winter Person.  And rightly so.  She knocked it out of the park with this one in what is probably our best album cover.  We're also sitting with some great heavy hitters on this list, which feels great.  Far too often, being a small unsigned band, people will compare us with other small unsigned bands rather than bigger established ones.  However, we feel our music/art holds up with bands at all other levels in it's own way, and it's satisfying to be compared with the "big boys" on this list and win the top spot.  

We're the kind of band where the album covers and live paintings are just as important to what we do as the music.  We're glad this reflects that.  Thanks again Belwood Music!


"Winter Person", our new album about hope, is out now! 

Our new album "Winter Person", which is our attempt at 2020 Album Of The Year, is out now EVERYWHERE! 

I'd post links to Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and all that, but you know how to search for it in all those places.  So go listen! 

It's ambient sister album "Hygge" and tiny short songs album "MP2" is also out now everywhere!  They are all three very different releases, and we hope you take them all in their individual glory. 

If you'd like the book version of WP, or the vinyl edition, Bandcamp is where you want to be

Thank you all for the support, and we hope you love this album and allow it to be whatever it needs to be for you.

CrAzY eLiZaBeTh'S art sale is back! 

Once a year, Elizabeth loses all sense of her mind and our financial situation and decides to slash prices on all the art she's made.  30% to 50% off everything!

Dresses?  Art calendars?  Touring Test books?  Original paintings?  Homemade socks?  Vinyl record handbags made from "Tin" records?  

Yes.  It is all there and all on sale.

This sale usually happens during the week of Thanksgiving, but it's happening early this year to ensure everything arrives for Christmas.  The post office is overwhelmed due to COVID, and we want all the gifts you'll buy for your friends to arrive on time.

Popular New Zealand youtuber Chet on new single "Welcome Fear" 

Wow!  Another insanely popular Youtuber named Chet out of New Zealand did another listening video for our song "Welcome Fear".  This is truly an honor that he would do this.  We've been fans of Chet's videos for years, and it's really great to be recognized like this.  Thank you so much, Chet!

SK1NK reaction video for new song "Strong Enough" 

The insanely popular Youtuber SK1NK decided to do a reaction video to one of our songs.  This is incredibly unexpected and very awesome, since he has millions of followers.  It's probably the biggest exposure we've ever had.  Sweet things all around.  Enjoy!   

(and/or check out Strong Enough on Spotify, Apple Music, and every digital platform ever right now)

Autumn Tour Schedule! Sort of! 

Just because we can't tour doesn't mean we don't have a lot of things happening.  Check out this schedule, and come join us as much as you can.


Sept. 9 - “Defiant Like A Cancer” single release on all platforms 

Sept. 23 - “Strong Enough” single release on all platforms 

Sept. 30 – Oct. 7 – Charity art auction for the Child & Family Agency of Southeastern CT 

Oct. 3 - “Winter Person” listening party on Youtube. 7 PM 

Oct. 7 - “Welcome Fear” single release on all platforms 

Oct. 16 - “Paint Along with Elizabeth” art class on Facebook and Youtube 7 PM 

Oct. 19 - Live streaming concert on Facebook and Youtube 8 PM 

Oct. 21 - “Until We Reach The Sun” single release on all platforms 

Oct. 25 – Oct. 31 – Crazy Elizabeth's huge Black Friday art sale! (early for shipping purposes) 

Oct. 26 – Live streaming concert on Facebook and Youtube 8 PM 

Nov. 2 - Live streaming concert on Facebook and Youtube 8 PM 

Nov. 3 – Voting day! Be a voter! 

Nov. 5 - “Winter Person”, “Hygge”, and “MP2” worldwide release day 

Nov. 9 - Live streaming concert on Facebook and Youtube 8 PM 

Nov. 13 - “Paint Along with Elizabeth” art class on Facebook and Youtube 7 PM 

Nov. 16 - Live streaming concert on Facebook and Youtube 8 PM 

Nov. 1 – Nov. 30 – Patreon double prints! If you join our Patreon at one of the “monthly prints” levels, you (or someone you love) will get twice as many prints for free in December

Pre-order "Winter Person"! 

You can now pre-order "Winter Person", coming out on November 5!  Listen to "Defiant Like A Cancer" now, and pre-order your copy of the book or vinyl (which includes the additional "Hygge" album as well.  Both pressed on randomly colored vinyl, which is the most eco-friendly vinyl option out there)

"Defiant Like A Cancer" will hit other digital streaming sites and marketplaces in early September, but you can hear it now at our bandcamp page.



Announcing "Winter Person", an album of defiant hope! 

"Winter Person" is our newest album coming out this fall.  We feel it is our best entry yet into the "Album Of The Year" contest that seems to happen in our cultural every sun rotation.  We feel this album deserves to be release in vinyl and book format.  To do that, we'd like you to be a part of it.  We just launched a KS campaign, which explains all the comics, essays, songs, and secrets that will be on this album.  

Thank you all so much for your support, with this and all we do. We'll keep trying to make cool stuff as long as you keep hanging around.

Full album streams on Youtube 

For years, we've always wanted to put up full album stream videos on Youtube of our work, but just never got around to it.  Recently, Elizabeth recorded herself making a painting for each album, riffing off the original album cover, and we'll be releasing those videos weekly.  We've already released the videos for "Protagonist", "Monsters Talking", and as of today, "Death Anxiety".  

Enjoy immensely.