Apocalypse Voice 

Find, a new engaging story 

Write, one if you find it boring 

I, should settle down and focus 

I, will choose to not be hopeless 


Fly, let's go on an adventure 

Fight, the darkest kind of monster 

I, will survive the encounter 

Mine, I'll tell the tale forever 


I, wish sleep was optional 

Bite, and eating food as well 

Time's, like liquid through my fingers 

but I'm, still glad I am a singer 


The sound of an impossible voice 

I will defy 

Apocalypse of personal noise 

I will arise



Dirty Lake 

Got no jacket on 

walking in my bare feet 

Arms covering arms 

the snow is about knee deep 

Sense of direction gone 

Got no compass either 

Not even close to dawn 

Frost bite on my ears 


Cold can't hold back this 

The winter's long but I refuse to be a pessimist 

Freezing everything within my view 

The funny thing is I'm a die hard winter person through and through 


In a fraction of time 

I consider every option to stay within my prime 

Perfection is a goal I'll get behind 

I know that's an impossible prayer 

but I'll miss the mark much better if I aim right there 

Getting closer, never arriving, seems worth the care 


It's a dirty lake 

That I have to swim through 

Push myself right in 

There are promises I made you 

My muscles seize up 

It's possible I'm drowning 

Somehow I breathe enough 

The forces are astounding 


Cold can't hold back this 

The winter's dark, but I refuse to be a pessimist 

Freezing everything within my view 

I've fought it long enough, perhaps the best thing I should do 

is lift my hands and release the control I am attempting to exude



Welcome Fear 

Welcome fear like a friend 

Ask it how it's day went 

Wash it's feet, clean it's head 

Have a laugh, offer a bed 


Understand it, get to know it 

ask it questions, see its eyes 

Understand it, learn to smell it 

know its history, be its friend 

Understand it, learn its weakness 

watch it transform, watch it change 

Into something bigger, something stronger 

Something braver, something bright 

Something higher, something better 

Something deeper, a spark of light




Forming shapes, tearing holes 

Placing bricks, singing notes 

Painting curves, smashing plates 

Making art 

When I create 

it feels the same 

As destruction 

In a way 

It's the transformation I love 


Nothing makes, you feel alive 

Quite like grief, of any size 

The suffering, you suffer through 

Will always lead 

To somewhere new 

Despite your fear 

That you push through 

You persevere 

It's the Transformation I love 


The healing still leaves a mark 

The grieving brightens the stars



The Cosmic Joke 

A daydreaming look on my face 

Pretending to float in space 

Without any form of tether 

Emotional or otherwise, the freedom feels better 

Is there any strife 

That won't be solved by the afterlife? 

The Eternal Fix, we can assume 

If time heals every wound 

Then it'll all be over soon 


The best jokes are always morbid 

Making fun of the distorted 

The darkness loses it's teeth 

When I laugh directly at it, pressed under my feet 

Comedy's a gift 

Forever in the present when we riff 

If there's no more than this 

the Cosmic Joke sure hits 

Come on, that's hilarious 


Thinking back over your life 

Questioning if you've done right 

Some people they rarely change 

I highly doubt you're one of them, you're curious, you're brave 

You have been abused 

Now you are set loose 

You bite your tongue and cheek 

Because you were told not to speak 

But you need to be released


Strong Enough 

I believe I am strong enough 

I believe I am brave enough 

I believe I am bright enough for me 

I believe I am capable 

I believe I am powerful 

I believe I can tear the whole thing apart 


I believe I have always known 

That these delusions are overblown 

But I will harvest what I have grown 

from seed 

All the struggles are guaranteed 

Like how a lung always craves to breath 

When every sip of air must secede 

And depart 


They all say I cannot compete 

They all say I am incomplete 

They say I'm chasing a fantasy 

They might be right 

I believe I am strong enough 

I believe I am wise enough 

I believe I am rising up, you'll see 


I'm gonna sing an impossible note, I'm gonna write an impossible song 

I'm gonna read an impossible word, I'm gonna right an impossible wrong 

I'm gonna paint an impossible hue, I'm gonna light an impossible flame 

I'm gonna say an impossible joke, I'm gonna hold an impossible name 

I'm gonna sing an impossible note, I'm gonna swing an impossible punch 

I'm gonna live an impossible life, I'm gonna get an impossible hunch 

I'm gonna drive an impossible turn, I'm gonna form an impossible band 

I'm gonna bite an impossible meal, I'm gonna be the impossible man


Safety In A Cage 

I'm in the only forest 

Saving anything I can pull inside 

Safety in a cage 

I'll write a book about it 

Every single word could be exchanged 

Shuffling on a page 

The hope of written word 

Is comforting and cold and valuable 

Both clever and absurd 

And now I'm aiming for it 

For what I am told that I should not do 

Yet I still follow the muse 


We will hold the lightning 


I don't think answers are 

The thing that I am actually searching for 

A paradox at it's core 

I see you coasting through 

Your prayer is all about the performance too 

As if it's all ends with you 

I refuse to be a pessimist 

Despite the evidence of a crumbling day 

Screaming in my face 

I wish to serve a greater machinery 

Far bigger than that which I could conceive 

Far beyond my way 


We will hold the lightning 


Over earth and under sea, I see it all surrendering 

Quietly and subtly, it's leaning towards serenity 

It's grace, in time, will be complete 

To swallow you, to swallow me


Brittle Wolf 

I am gonna learn how to take a compliment 

I am gonna learn how to be still and content 

I did not intend to form a community 

I had no idea as to who shares this frequency 


Breathe with me 


You're a charging deer, you're a timid fox 

You will overcome 

You're a gracious mouse, you're a vicious bird 

you will overcome 


Breathe with me 


You're a hardened owl, you're a brittle wolf 

you will overcome 

You're a clever bear, you're a loving lynx 

you will overcome


Defiant Like A Cancer 

I'm slower at this age 

I swear I was a dancer 

I still get up on stage 

Defiant like a cancer 

I'm up there by myself 

Nothing else to keep me steady 

I might not move with grace 

My body's broken, my spirit's ready 

I shut my eyes and move 

to a song loved by my sisters 

The melody is strong 

Turns the screaming into whispers 

The voices fade away 

Every movement is an answer 

I still get up on stage 

Defiant like a cancer 


I hate how it's all changed 

I miss my old body 

This sickness takes it's toll 

But I'll be damned before it stops me 

I take it from the top 

The specifics are kinda hazy 

But during every step 

I exude every memory 

My body may look old 

But I swear I am a dancer 

I still get up on stage 

Defiant like a cancer 

I will conquer every fear 

Even after the surgery 

I did not get this disease 

This disease, yeah, it got me


Until We Reach The Sun 

Take my hand we'll walk until our legs give out 

Then in the grass we'll watch the pink and purple clouds 

And our insect friends with make us think of the bigger picture and how 

We don't always know what we talk about 


Take my hand we'll walk until we reach the sun 

As it fights across a hill with clear passion 

We'll marvel at this star so big that we could never outrun 

But we'll still try to just for fun 


Take my hand we'll walk until we scale the cliffs 

That overlook all of the trees and birds and fish 

And the air we'll breathe'll have a certain flavor that could not be eclipsed 

Like hope that acts much smaller than it is 


Take my hand we'll walk until we fall asleep 

By a cow field that will influence our dreams 

And we'll meet there and keep walking, traveling anywhere we please 

And do so with ease, discovery 

Tell me: what'd you like to go and see?



(What?  A secret album?  Of course not, that's ridiculous.  No, you can't find it following clues embedded in the "Winter Person" book version.  That's so silly.  Stop being silly.  Get back to work.  Enough of this nonsense.)