4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better

Enter Manor Farm, the revolution alarm

Where you find Old Major dying

But his fervor's still shining

The creature commandments are set

The beasts of England soon forget

That they have much to gain

Extra rations of grain


The politics are starting, the fauna is being absurd

The animals are talking, and they don't like what the humans heard


The words change but they swear

The changes were always there

The conditions are sadder

While the pigs keep on getting fatter

Boxer is the loyal slave

Who's work is becoming depraved

He's the perfect martyr

Repeating "I will work harder!"


The filthy swine is jaded, being the trend setter

Telling everyone that "4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better"



Savior Dream

Once I was a savior in the night

I challenged evil to a fight

Watching, there were masks on the sides

We all made the paper reunite

A group of children entered from the right

Circling around somebody's life

I woke from this dream as I cried

They were in the wrong hands this time


Forming below me, the sky wants to show me what they've missed

It can't deceive you but it sure does leave you wrapped in bliss

Though it's all frightening, existing with lightening, I clench my hands

I must pull the lever, the more lost the better, a reason to stand



The Flight





His body a mess, face down in the new mud

The hues on his face, well his lips drew a brown blood

The hold in his side, it was made by a shotgun

A broken right arm, all this harm to our brethren

He starts to rise to find help from someone, anyone

In the empty streets he cries out for the heavens

These screams are heard by a lonely old woman

Who takes him in and says "Please rest my son"


She bathed and fed that broken soul

She opened her heart like the boy had never known

For when he healed and left he thanked her so

She gave him love that he could take where he would go



Blank, your face depicts a blank stare

And you show no emotion that I can read

And I'm trying to be realistic

But I feel like I'm some strange statistic

You keep on feeding them fodder

You keep on giving them dirt


Well if your lungs tell you no

And your hair says that it's grown a little long

Well I'm trying to confront the feeling

When my grave just looks so appealing

Many say that thought is morbid

They just need more time to think


By the time you call, by the time you write,

By the time I'm fed up with the glue in your mouth

I'll be sipping juice

I'm trying to find a good reason

Why I exited life for a season

Hopefully it's not expensive

Maybe it's one great big hoax

Frankly I don't understand it

We'll just all laugh at this joke


When I return, they'll be no flags waving

And no trumpets playing

Just the truth that I learned that their

Lives go on without me there

Makes no difference the 6 months that I shared

With actors, hacks, angels, and witches

They all have their separate quirks

Some of them may be demonic

Others are way beyond worth


Live alone, lived in solitude

Mistaken as rude by more than one

What I had, it was good for me

But you should have seen what I really was



Old Familiar Tune

Let's sing that old familiar tune

The one that makes us feel brand new

Let's sing it soft with dignity

Let's sing the one you sang for me


Oh no, there's a price sitting on my head

And my heart and my home

Oh my, there must be a better reason to die

Now that I am finding it hard to stay awake


Let's sing that old familiar tune

The one that keeps our voices true

We'll sing through wreckage and debris

Let's sing the one you sang for me


So new, so alive and so imbued

With the power of Christ

Oh please, don't rely on "probably"

I know you need to figure your head out


Let's sing that old familiar tune

The one that pierces our souls through

We'll sing through darkness and the light

We'll belt it out all through the night


There's a light war hanging right above the stairs

Gentleness and healing, the auras everywhere

Spirits float around us singing that same song

Hold my hand, we'll sing along


Resist.  Lions and lambs can coexist

And I miss the way the world looked then

If I leave, carry on this melody

Please receive it, like it was your child


Your child, your child 




Blessed Wisdom

Clouds are forming, it's still the morning

Layered mountains call

Emotions take us to the snowy crests then fall


The desert's honest, I made a promise

From where it meant the most

One from joy and passion, LOVE and fashion seeds

Planted in unstable dust


Can you trust my faith in what we've done?

My tongue is either silent or dead

And if our heads don't congeal into one

I'm afraid there's nothing more than should be said


Here, we're on top of us, a booming metropolis

Is felt by you and me

The lights are flickering by our bickering has to cease


It's confusing, whether I'm choosing

Or if God's hand does lead

All the right places where our faces come to meet


My faith is stronger, just listen to the song birds

With voices from on high

Throw away the bullets, I'll open my fist to gather yours

The clouds are slowly blowing by




Stand Point Theory

This is holy ground, we're causing it strife

The air is so clear, it cuts with my knife

A blue tint surrounds, contrasting my voice

I'm starting to choke, from all this noise


If the sun should rise, may it shine out the brighter


What's wrong with my hands?  They're colder than snow

The audience stands and waves as I go

You say you don't need me, I admit I was greedy

I got so offended when your hands extended

The lilacs were tasted, were those feelings wasted?

To hold and to heal are for others to feel




To All Those I've Grown Up With

Interpretations, our conversations

In a car at 3 AM

There's no place we haven't been

In the corners of this town


Here my friends I must confess

I'm a hypocrite and a mess

Both new and old, limp with me down the road

I would have given up on me long ago


About my friends, I'm not ashamed

They've blessed me and they've blessed me all the same

Time tends to separate but we'll never hike alone

And we know where we always have a home




Field Day

Into the yesterday, I smell the fresh cut grass

A scent that lingers but moves on too fast

I inhale all the fuzz running through the air

Cautiously, the footsteps lightly tread

Eggshells crack from the boots overhead

I notice you sideways, I notice you everywhere


The rest are holding a field day that they sent

Faith, Jealously, Love, Abandonment

Chairs at all the receptions are absent

In a place where your soul pays rent

All the contracts abiding, inviting


Pinching cheeks while the cross hair is split

He's got the bends as he tastes my spit

Rest assured it always comes together

With a bow tie and boots made of leather


Here I stand the clock reads "15 past"

Still taking in that fresh cut grass

Do I not care or am I learning to laugh?

So poised, passions ensue

A vinyl record spins another round for you

It astounds, the pounds, they're still so heavy