Pocket Vinyl on Reddit

Some enterprising fan has created an r/pocketvinyl page on Reddit.  It is currently a fairly empty place, but if you are a frequent Reddit user and wish to connect with other PV fans about anything, this would be the place to do it.  

Talking about music with strangers is fun at times, but also can get old quickly.  Here are some PV topics we recommend you talk to other fans about:

-sexuality and your relationship to it
-what you think may happen after we die
-what kinds of hopes have helped you push through during the pandemic
-which certain songs by any artist are technically depressing but give you joy
-theology and all that it encompasses
-your favorite color(s)

All great conversation starters.  PV fans are spread very thinly all over the Earth, so I hope this can be a place for a few of you to connect.