www.thetouringtest.com launch!

Surprise!  We have a new website solely dedicated to Elizabeth's comic "The Touring Test."  Please go check it out.


More excitingly, we have launched a new continuous comic story on there called "Lucifer and the Predetermined Timeline", which is a romantic comedy with a theological/sci-fi twist about questioning free will.  The first 5 pages are up, with new pages being posted every Wednesday and Saturday for the foreseeable future.

We have been working on this story for a while, and it is incredibly exciting to finally bring the start of it to you.  It'll be around 200 pages long, and we'll definitely be publishing it as a graphic novel once we're finished.  I know this barely qualifies as "band/music" stuff, but we all knew that PV is more than just a "band" a long time ago, right?