We did it!

50 concerts in 50 states in 45 days.  Total tour time (from first note to last note): 44 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes, 24 seconds.

Here is the last painting Elizabeth did at The Dragon Upstairs in…

"50 States in 45 Days" shirts now available online

We usually don't like to sell our shirts online.  We like to keep them as a commodity for concerts only in an effort to help get more people out.  However, the t-shirts for this tour have sold like hotcakes.  We…


Join us on Patreon

So we've been hearing from more and more people that they have no idea we have a Patreon.  Lots of great stuff is happening over there.  Our Patrons are responsible for giving us the umph for doing this current world


Time to see if we can break a world record

Tomorrow, we start on this crazy tour.  It was about 6 years ago that we first thought we might be able to do this, and it's weird to think we're finally on the doorstep to it.  It's been the hardest…


New song "Names"!

Merry Christmas!

6 months ago, we said that anyone who joined our Patreon page before June 28, 2018 would have their name included in a song.  Today we are finally releasing that song.

You can own it for free here


Vote on our future album

We've decided to open up our future as a band to you.  Together with our Patreon supporters, we've narrowed down our list of possible concept albums to two choices: "Hope" and "A double EP about Good and Evil".  

We need…


RODE is a pretty great company

I know so little about gear.  I've never been a guy who cared about music gear outside of whatever I needed.  Microphones are certainly a blind spot for me in that regard.  So all I can comment on gear is…



Elizabeth has gone insane, like clockwork, right after Thanksgiving yet again.  She has decided to be financially unstable and offer 50% off everything in her Etsy store.  If you want prints, original paintings, and the like, now is the time.


Get double the prints on Patreon! Sign up before Nov. 30.

So we're back from the tour (went FANTASTIC by the way.  You all are amazingly friendly and supportive of what we do in a way that astounds us.  Thank you) and Elizabeth and I decided on a little gift thing.  


Tour update

So we have 6 shows left in this current tour we're on, and so far it has been AMAZING.  People have been coming out to shows at a steady rate for a variety of reasons.  They seem to be finding…