West Coast Tour dates announced!

We just announced a bunch of tour dates working our way to the west coast, up and down the west coast, and then driving back to CT.  It's a big 6 week tour from March 12 through April 19.  



Announcing: FULL BAND TOUR!

We have wanted to do this for a very long time.  From Feb. 20 through Feb. 29, we'll be on tour with Straight to VHS, and Tim and Jay (their drummer and bassist) are going to play with Elizabeth and…


Fall tour announced!

See you on the road.  Details regarding each show will be posted soon, but here is the schedule:


Sept. 19 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Desperate Annie's

Sept. 20 – North Bennington, VT – House show

Sept. 21 – Rochester…


"The Touring Test" physical book!

Elizabeth grew up reading comic collections like Calvin and Hobbes, Zits, Far Side, Get Fuzzy, and a lot of those great newspaper comics.  They all influenced her to become an artist in a huge way.  She always wanted to start…


Tour Stats


Number of shows played: 50

Number of USA states played in: 50

Number of paintings made on stage: 50

Amount of time it took, from first note to last note: 44 days, 11 hours…

Dr. Periwinkle (our car) is very sick

UPDATE: We're home now.  So many of you bought prints, dresses, and albums that we were able to pay for a majority of the engine.  Thank you so so so much.  There isn't a word that means stronger than "thank…


We did it!

50 concerts in 50 states in 45 days.  Total tour time (from first note to last note): 44 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes, 24 seconds.

Here is the last painting Elizabeth did at The Dragon Upstairs in…

"50 States in 45 Days" shirts now available online

We usually don't like to sell our shirts online.  We like to keep them as a commodity for concerts only in an effort to help get more people out.  However, the t-shirts for this tour have sold like hotcakes.  We…


Join us on Patreon

So we've been hearing from more and more people that they have no idea we have a Patreon.  Lots of great stuff is happening over there.  Our Patrons are responsible for giving us the umph for doing this current world