Tour update

So we have 6 shows left in this current tour we're on, and so far it has been AMAZING.  People have been coming out to shows at a steady rate for a variety of reasons.  They seem to be finding us through our film, Elizabeth Touring Test comic, or just our music wherever they happen to find it.  Maybe it's all just good luck, or we're picking good shows, or something along those lines, but for whatever reason, it feels very validating and encouraging.  We're hitting show 800 on Thursday night, too, which sounds a lot bigger than it actually feels.  That "1000th show" mark feels ever closer....

We did have one bum show in Cheyenne, WY.  To be fair, we never played there (or anywhere in Wyoming) before, and the show was supposed to start at 6:30 on a Tuesday night at a small coffee shop.  Plus, no local bands were playing with us either.  We set up and waited.  Aaaaaaand no one came.  So we packed up and left.  The staff was very kind and apologetic though, which was nice.  We ended up turning the night into a little party with comfort foods and a cheap hotel room.  In the end, it felt good to just rest for a bit.  The next night we played an AMAZING show in Laramie, WY, which is 45 minutes from Cheyenne, so it all turned out fine anyway.  

We still do have more midwest and northeast shows coming up in the next month-ish, so please come out if you're nearby any of those places.  

However long you've been a fan of ours, thank you so much.  Right now, it really feels like big things are on the horizon.  Still a ways off, but they're coming.  Thank you for being a part of this.