Dr. Periwinkle (our car) is very sick

UPDATE: We're home now.  So many of you bought prints, dresses, and albums that we were able to pay for a majority of the engine.  Thank you so so so much.  There isn't a word that means stronger than "thank you" but I want to use it here.  I cannot express how much it means to us.  Every band always says they have the best fans, and I always kind of found that annoying, but you guys.....you're the exact kind of people we want to like our band.  You're the best.  


So the last few days have been incredibly exhausting and frustrating for us.  We've had several repairs on our car, and it needs a new engine that costs us about $3300.  We finished the big 50 states tour, and were literally starting the long drive across country back home to CT, and overheating, smoking, and all sorts of issues started to happen.

I wrote a long article about the story (thus far) over on our Patreon page, if you'd like the full story.

We know we have asked a lot of you guys on the last tour, but given the situation, we humbly now ask for support once again.  Not donations, but support.  Elizabeth made an amazing print piece of every painting she did in each state AS each state (pictured below).  If you'd like a big 16"x16" copy of it, they're up on Elizabeth's Etsy store.  Plus all other items there are 30% off.

We'd very much appreciate the help if you can.  If not, please just put on our music on Spotify while you sleep tonight and send us some sweet sweet penny fractions.  Every penny fraction helps.

Thank you all for being the best fans we could hope for.