Album Cover of the Year

We (well, Elizabeth) got the #1 slot for Belwood Music's "Top 10 Album Covers of the Year" for her work on Winter Person.  And rightly so.  She knocked it out of the park with this one in what is probably our best album cover.  We're also sitting with some great heavy hitters on this list, which feels great.  Far too often, being a small unsigned band, people will compare us with other small unsigned bands rather than bigger established ones.  However, we feel our music/art holds up with bands at all other levels in it's own way, and it's satisfying to be compared with the "big boys" on this list and win the top spot.  

We're the kind of band where the album covers and live paintings are just as important to what we do as the music.  We're glad this reflects that.  Thanks again Belwood Music!