"Run" to your computer to watch our new video

"Run" is the first track from "Tin" and, we believe, opens up the album well.  We're really proud about how it all came out, and I hope this music video makes you feel slightly uncomfortable for reasons you can't quite…


"Tomorrow" Music Video!

New song.  New video.  This is the closing track off "Tin" and it's about Robin Williams and depression in general.  I feel very proud about how it came out.  Special thanks to Isaac from the band Phonosynthesis!


"Tin" is coming...

Music releases.......podcasts.......



Summer tour dates added!

Short update today: I just posted a bunch of tour dates for the summer.  We may add a few more yet, but we're taking a bit of a rest from the big tours, gearing up for a lot of those…




The tour is finished, you guys.

That was a fantastic tour.

We're exhausted, but also excited.  

Taking a sort of break, just playing mostly Northeastern shows for the summer.  

Then we'll release "Tin", our 4th album.

And THEN, we'll…

Tour update! On our way back east...

Hey everyone, 

I'm writing to you from Butte, MT where we're playing at the Venus Rising Espresso House in just a few hours.  This tour has been absolutely wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who has come to see us, purposefully…


Official (sort of) music video for "Death Anxiety"!

So we played at Two Tone Art Gallery in Murfreesboro, TN a few weeks ago, and the wonderful man/fan/friend Matt Marson asked if he could film the performance.  Then asked if Elizabeth could wear a camera on her head.  We…


Tour starts today!

And we're off!  Today marks the start of our tour across the nation!  Come out and see us!

February 18 - New London, CT - The Telegraph    7 PM

February 19 - Mansfield, PA - Mansfield University at The Hut…


Listen to the new song "Run"

Hey everyone, I don't really know what to say other than we are incredibly proud of this un-finished, un-mastered song.  We just wanted to share it.




We're getting close to the end of the KS campaign as well as the…


Puppet Vinyl! Buttercup Music Video!

Hey guys,

We've got some great videos for you that we've uploaded recently.  First is a new little series we're starting to help promote the Kickstarter campaign for "Tin" (which if you haven't backed yet, you totally should).  It's…

Announcing "Tin", our 4th album

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a wide smile we announce our 4th upcoming album "Tin".  Check out this cover art (by Elizabeth, of course):

We are beyond excited about this.  We're currently in the studio working on it now…