Shows coming up this week!

Hey everyone, so we've got a few shows coming up this week in Vermont.  All shows can be seen on our tour page, but here are the details:

Jan. 20 - Montpellier, VT - Charlie O's World Famous   9:30…

2016 via photos

So we've been reflecting on everything that has happened this year in the world, and decided to put together a little video featuring many prominent pictures that defined the year (for us, anyway).  It features the new song we released


Merry Christmas! Here's a free new song

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!  Or Happy Holidays!  Or Joyful Family Time!  Or whatever you like to say.  It all means love.

You've helped us have quite a year.  It's been a crazy and eventful one for all of us worldwide…

Got a few extra t-shirts left....

So we've got a few hand screenprinted t-shirts left from our 2016 adventures, and we'd like to sell them off and start 2017 with shiny, fresh new ones.  We only have a few smalls and mediums left, and they're posted…


Our song "Nursery" will be in a movie!

So this is very exciting news: our lil' song "Nursery" is going to be in an indie documentary!  It's a film about trying to remove the stigma associated with many sexual assault survivors in our culture.  It's a fairly niche…


An exhausted and sincere thank you

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for sticking with us as we travel around and try to keep making Pocket Vinyl a thing. Elizabeth and I have played more shows this year than we ever have, and are currently feeling…


A few cancellations, sadly

Hey everyone, quick note: due to circumstances outside of our control, we had a couple shows cancel within the next month.  They are as follows:

Oct. 4 at the Wall in Oxford, MS

Oct. 8 at the Raven Hookah Lounge…


Updated tour widget thing

Hey everyone, so we decided to change up the way we post tour dates.  We're using a new program that will post the dates on our website as well as bandcamp, youtube, spotify, facebook, and loads of other places.  Hopefully…


Tour time!

BOOM!  We're heading out for the big fall tour today!  Please come see us and invite friends, or tell friends about us if they're in another town we're coming through.  Word of mouth is pretty much crucial for small bands…