Home for the summer

So we're home from our first tour after releasing "Uncomfortably Unsure" and it went very well.  Here are some highlights:

-4 or 5 people came up to us after shows and cried to us, telling us how much our records…

You know you need this dress

This is Carrie, a wonderful PV fan.  As you can see, she looks absolutely stunning here.  She's wearing a 2018 Jancewicz Art piece here.  By which I mean: Elizabeth has discovered a way to print her paintings on dresses.  And…

April tour dates announced!

We have a bunch of tour dates up and down the east coast (and into OH, IN, and MI too) in April, as well as a couple March ones coming in the next week.  They are all listed on our…


New painting video for "Effigy..."

Happy New Year!  Here is a new painting video for "Effigy (or, Building A Wall Of Beliefs So High That You Completely Forget What Is On The Other Side)":

We'll have another one coming next week, and then another one…


New Painting video for "It's a Great White Shark...."

Elizabeth and I are going to be making "painting videos" for each and every song on "Uncomfortably Unsure".  That's 23 paintings.  It'll be wonderful.  We've made the first one, and you can watch it right here:

Enjoy.  More to come…


New album "Uncomfortably Unsure" out on Jan. 19 2018!

SEX. Let's talk about it.

As I've grown older, I've discovered that a lot of the teachings I learned about sex and the realities of it were not in line with each other. My school, my church, my parents, my…

Enjoy 2 free Christmas songs!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Because we're a band, we're contractually obliged to release Christmas songs this time of year.  We recorded two of our favorite Christmas covers and you can get them for free exclusively on our bandcamp page…



Elizabeth has decided to ignore the worth of money and do a huge art sale on her online art store.  And by huge I mean that


That is stupidly insane.  She does not care about our…