You have no idea.... many times I've felt this way at some random Walmart in Nowheresville, USA.

This is from Elizabeth's new autobiographical webcomic "The Touring Test".  Check it out on facebook right here.  Or click here for it on Instagram.

In other news, we have a few random summer shows and art festivals, all of which are listed on our tour page, so please check those out and come if you can.  Mostly stuff around New England.

Our documentary "Drive. Play. Sleep." is still in post production, getting sound, coloring, and title cards all sorted out.  We'll be releasing a new trailer, the poster, and all that next month (hopefully). 

The new album is about 70% done.  We are hoping to put it on vinyl, but it's so long that it'll need two discs, so not sure if we can afford to do that.  We're going to try, though!  

Right now, I kind of feel like it's the calm before the storm.  The next year is going to be very busy, very productive, and you guys will be getting all kinds of new art in all different formats from us.  I hope you enjoy all of it.  Or at least one thing.  

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