Tour update! On our way back east...

Hey everyone, 

I'm writing to you from Butte, MT where we're playing at the Venus Rising Espresso House in just a few hours.  This tour has been absolutely wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who has come to see us, purposefully or accidentally.  We've been feeling so blessed by all of you.  It seems like nearly every night is a new adventure, which is the best kind of tour to have.  We're going to see Yellowstone over this Easter weekend.  Celebrate the holiday in what may be the closest to "God's country" as we could ever get.  Elizabeth has never seen a Buffalo, so she is more than excited for the herds.

"Tin" is currently being mastered, and we'll send it off to the presses before the end of the month.  With the long turn around on vinyl, hopefully we'll get them back by for an August release, but September at the latest.  We always seems to release albums in the fall.  Weird.  Elizabeth has been telling me that she thinks this new album is our best yet, and most unique.  Hopefully the first in a long line of albums that fit those descriptions.

Here's a pic of us at the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago.  I recommend all of you go on tour sometime in your life, if nothing else than just to see all the crazy landscapes, ecosystems, climates, and natural beauty this country has to offer.  

We still have a few weeks to go until we get back home, so check out our tour dates if you live in a northern state between MT and CT, and we'll probably be coming near you.  Thanks again everyone!

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