"The Bear of Bad News" 234% funded! Thank you!

Wooo!  Thank you SO MUCH to all who supported the Bear of Bad News coloring book project.  It's very much not really a "Pocket Vinyl" project at all, but it means a lot to Elizabeth.  Plus, just the fact that it's her first big crowd funded art project feel particularly big to both of us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  We reached 13 stretch goals, and brought the final page count of the book from 12 pages to 25 pages!  That means the book more than DOUBLED in it's size from the original idea!  Woo!

If you missed the campaign, no worries, we'll have copies of the book available online and at our merch table come 2017.  MAYBE earlier than that, but we'll see.  No promises at this point.  If you backed the project, though, you can expect your copies by Christmas.

Also, we're back from our big summer tour.  Thank you all who came out, and welcome to all the new fans.  We must admit, this tour had a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately it was wonderful.  We'll announce tour dates for a big fall tour in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.  We should be debuting some new songs on the fall tour too!

Thanks again for being such wonderful, supporting fans and friends.  We very much appreciate it.

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