So we got back from 7 weeks out on the road this last Sunday.  We are very happy to be home.  However, we have plenty of dates still coming up, as well as plenty of projects here at home to keep us busy.  Elizabeth is currently making some paintings for a gallery show of hers coming up in Buffalo, NY at Merge (go there in April to see it!), and I'm booking our summer tour, taking care of little details around the house, and trying to make another board game.  All the while trying to catch up on sleep we missed in the past couple months.  The overall headline for us, though, is "Life is good".  

The "We Are A Band Worth Your Time" tour was most certainly our best tour to date.  Every tour seems to be like that.  When we started, I felt like good shows happened 40% or 50% of the time.  Now, I feel like they're 75% or 80% of the time.  We saw many great fans, old and new alike, and even had one girl fly from Dallas to Denver JUST TO SEE US.  She didn't even have any friends in Denver to stay with.  I still can't wrap my head around that, but we're sure glad she came.  Her, as well as all of you would have seen us at some point or another, have been unbelievably encouraging.  As with any creative pursuit, it's very easy to get down on yourself and think what you do is meaningless.  Elizabeth and I often feel that way.  But it sure helps us find the drive to keep going due to you all.  There is no amount of words I can type or say that would convey how grateful we feel to you.  I hope you'll continue to stay on the PV train as long as it goes.

All that said, we are very far from ever being done.  We have a lot of shows coming up in April and May (click here to check them out!), and in June/July we plan on doing another 4 or 5 week one, probably to the Pacific Northwest and back, and will likely hit a lot of the same places we just hit on this tour.  Keep an eye out for that.  We'll announce specifics as it gets closer. 

Lastly, I wrote a new "PV Recommends" article today about our good friend Jordan in Gaffer Project.  You can read that right here.  Or just listen to this:



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