Playing in Buffalo, NY (nearly) every Tuesday in May!

Happy Star Wars day, everyone!  May the fourth be with you.

Now that all the important news has been settled, we wanted to let you know a few things.  

1) Last night was our first weekly residency show at Merge in Buffalo, NY.  We have three more over the next few weeks, so please come out and/or tell your friends/family/coworkers to do the same.

2) Last night we started at 7, but we have decided to move up the rest of the weeks to 8.  So the shows will now be from 8 to 10 instead of 7 to 9.  Make note!

3) Here is Elizabeth's awesome painting from last night.  It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but something out the blue made this one feel fairly fresh and new.  Can't quite explain it but take a look for yourself.


In the meantime, our lives in Buffalo this month have so far been great.  We're both focusing on the change of environment to not only try to relax a bit, but also to focus hard on producing art.  Elizabeth is working on a lot of personal projects, and I'm trying to write something on the piano every day.  A lot of it will probably suck, but I've found that if I can train/force myself to be creative every day, it's far easier to be creative overall.  Kind of like working out or something.  Either way, hopefully this month will produce many new songs that will become your new PV favorites.

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