Our song "Nursery" will be in a movie!

So this is very exciting news: our lil' song "Nursery" is going to be in an indie documentary!  It's a film about trying to remove the stigma associated with many sexual assault survivors in our culture.  It's a fairly niche yet important thing that this movie tries to tackle, and it's made by people who are sexual assault survivors as well, so they know what they're talking about.  We're incredibly honored and humbled to be involved in such a great project.

If you agree with us that that is something that should exist in the world, they currently have a gofundme project.  Just click here to read more about it.

They've nearly paid for everything regarding the project out of pocket so far, and are nearly done filming.  They're trying to raise some money for the post-production aspect of it.  All things considered, it's a pretty reasonable amount, so even a buck or two helps.  

Regardless of what you choose to do, we'll let you know when the movie gets released, probably sometime next year.  Should be an enlightening experience.

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