New tour dates for April!

Happy Leap Day.  To celebrate, we're offering this information: new tour dates!  Here they are:


March 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Omar's Hookah Lounge    9 PM

March 26 - Lancaster, PA - The Other Room Theater at F&M College    8 PM

April 1 - Harrisburg, PA - Midtown Scholars    8 PM

April 2 - Coal Center, PA - Cook and Maid    7 PM

April 4 - Silver Springs, MD - Mighty Monday at Abyssinia      9 PM

April 5 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM

April 6 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's     10 PM

April 7 - Roanoke, VA - The Leftovers   6 PM

April 8 - Blacksburg, VA - Rock The Block Festival

April 9 - Washington, DC - TBA

April 11 - Flemington, NJ - Flemington DIY    7 PM

Just a little trek down to VA and back.  Always a good time.  

This current tour we're still on, the "We Are A Band Worth Your Time" tour, is going great.  Bum shows here and there, but overall, PV fans have been coming out, telling friends, and generally spreading the word.  This is so wonderful and welcoming.  Thank you all so much for helping out our little outfit.  I hope we're staying good and entertaining enough for you to continue doing so.  

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