Merry Christmas! Here's a free new song

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!  Or Happy Holidays!  Or Joyful Family Time!  Or whatever you like to say.  It all means love.

You've helped us have quite a year.  It's been a crazy and eventful one for all of us worldwide, for better or for worse.  Specifically for Elizabeth and I, it's been very long, very short, exhausting, and fully rewarding.  If you came to a show, got some music, said hi somehow, showed a friend our music, or simply took a few moments to appreciate something we did, you helped us continue this band and make this year a success.  

As a big thank you, we're releasing a new song.  Good friends of mine asked me to write them something for their first dance at their wedding.  It wouldn't have been written if it weren't for them, and we think it came out pretty good.  It's up now and free on Bandcamp.  You can listen or download it right here:



It's already up on iTunes, and it'll be on Spotify and pretty much every other digital market/streaming service within a week.  

Big thanks to Daphne Lee Martin, who produced and sang harmony vocals on the track.  She is a great friend and amazing musician.  I recommend you check out her stuff here.

Thanks for 2016.  We'll continue to be a band as long as you keep on telling us to continue.  

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