Listening party in New London, CT!

So on September 8, the day that "Tin" is fully released into the world, we're going to be having a listening party at the Telegraph Record Store in New London, CT at 6 PM!  So if you want to BYOB, a couple friends, and come listen to a record with a bunch of fellow strangers/PV fans, then do so!  We'll have copies of the album available as well.

The Telegraph is actually the brick and mortar home base of our record label "Telegraph Recording Co."  It's an honor that we've been able to put out our last few records with those good people.  We have many other fantastic label mates, including Daphne Lee Martin, Violent Mae, Elison Jackson, among many other future greats.  

Elizabeth is sadly up in Canada right now on business, so she won't be there, but I (Eric) shall be.  So come keep me company and listen to our new art.  

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