Home for the summer

So we're home from our first tour after releasing "Uncomfortably Unsure" and it went very well.  Here are some highlights:

-4 or 5 people came up to us after shows and cried to us, telling us how much our records helped them through some rough times.  That was incredibly rewarding to hear each time.

-made a lot of audiences uncomfortable with the sex talk, yet it often then transformed into great conversations afterwards

-an artist who works for Marvel came to a show and said Elizabeth was a better artist than most of the people who work at Marvel.  While art isn't a competition and we hope everyone at Marvel is all doing great, it was a good compliment to hear.

-this one guy tipped us $200 one night for no particular reason outside of "keep going, you guys are doing great" 

-this one guy came said he heard about us through the "Google: Pocket Vinyl" sign on our car a few years ago, and has bought our albums and followed us ever since, but had never been to a show before.  It makes me wonder how many people like that are out there.

-saw a lot of old friends, new fans, and overall crowds seem to be a few people bigger every time we go out


So yeah, that's the last 3.5 months crammed together in a short list.  Our plans for this summer are a bit subdued.  We have a residency happening every Wednesday night in June at Strange Brew in Norwich, CT, so if you want to come to any of those shows, please do.  Maybe try to collect all 4 paintings?  We're going up to Canada in July to work at a camp on a native reservation that Elizabeth's parents are involved with, so that should be fun.  Elizabeth will have a few art festivals we'll be doing (all will be listed on our tour page) but overall, we're hunkering down and preparing for the fall and beyond.  We need a bit of a break from all the travel to be honest.  

BUT we also have a big announcement coming within the next month or two.  More on that later, but I hope you'll come along with us for the journey of it.  

For now, keep enjoying the albums and sit tight.  We'll be in touch soon.  Thanks again for all the support and love.  We need it to survive, so we appreciate every single friggin' drop.

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