Elizabeth's new webcomic "The Touring Test"

Elizabeth has started a webcomic!  She's wanted to make a comic since she first learned to draw, and now she's finally doing it.  Frankly, I'm incredibly proud of her and I think it's amazing.  It's called "The Touring Test" and for the moment it's only on Facebook and Instagram.  She'll make a website for it eventually, but she's just going small at the moment.  I encourage you to go to each of those links and click on all the social media buttons associated with them.

It's a comic related to Pocket Vinyl very much, in that it's a semi-autobiographical comic about funny/weird things that happen to bands.  It nonlinear with each comic being it's own little story/joke, like newspaper comics.  

She posts a new comic every Tuesday.  She's only posted 4 so far, but she'll continue posting them for the infinite future.  Here's the one she just posted today:

How true.

So if this is something up your alley, follow the comic on instagram or facebook now.  

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