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Home for the summer 

So we're home from our first tour after releasing "Uncomfortably Unsure" and it went very well.  Here are some highlights:

-4 or 5 people came up to us after shows and cried to us, telling us how much our records helped them through some rough times.  That was incredibly rewarding to hear each time.

-made a lot of audiences uncomfortable with the sex talk, yet it often then transformed into great conversations afterwards

-an artist who works for Marvel came to a show and said Elizabeth was a better artist than most of the people who work at Marvel.  While art isn't a competition and we hope everyone at Marvel is all doing great, it was a good compliment to hear.

-this one guy tipped us $200 one night for no particular reason outside of "keep going, you guys are doing great" 

-this one guy came said he heard about us through the "Google: Pocket Vinyl" sign on our car a few years ago, and has bought our albums and followed us ever since, but had never been to a show before.  It makes me wonder how many people like that are out there.

-saw a lot of old friends, new fans, and overall crowds seem to be a few people bigger every time we go out


So yeah, that's the last 3.5 months crammed together in a short list.  Our plans for this summer are a bit subdued.  We have a residency happening every Wednesday night in June at Strange Brew in Norwich, CT, so if you want to come to any of those shows, please do.  Maybe try to collect all 4 paintings?  We're going up to Canada in July to work at a camp on a native reservation that Elizabeth's parents are involved with, so that should be fun.  Elizabeth will have a few art festivals we'll be doing (all will be listed on our tour page) but overall, we're hunkering down and preparing for the fall and beyond.  We need a bit of a break from all the travel to be honest.  

BUT we also have a big announcement coming within the next month or two.  More on that later, but I hope you'll come along with us for the journey of it.  

For now, keep enjoying the albums and sit tight.  We'll be in touch soon.  Thanks again for all the support and love.  We need it to survive, so we appreciate every single friggin' drop.

You know you need this dress 

This is Carrie, a wonderful PV fan.  As you can see, she looks absolutely stunning here.  She's wearing a 2018 Jancewicz Art piece here.  By which I mean: Elizabeth has discovered a way to print her paintings on dresses.  And come on, THEY LOOK GREAT.  She's only posted 4 or 5 different paintings at the moment, but she'll surely make more in the future.  If you'd like to check out these dresses for yourself:

Adult sizes (XS through 5XL)

Child sizes (2 through 16)

Elizabeth recommends you check the "size chart" listed in the photos of each listing for an accurate measurement.  

Seriously, though, don't those look amazing?  +20 points to the first person to wear one to a PV show.

April tour dates announced! 

We have a bunch of tour dates up and down the east coast (and into OH, IN, and MI too) in April, as well as a couple March ones coming in the next week.  They are all listed on our tour page, so go there to check out times and such, or take a look at this nifty quick listing:


See you all on the road.  Let's have some fun together, eh?

Our new album "Uncomfortably Unsure" is out now! 

Our early submission for "Album of the Year 2018" is out now!  It's called Uncomfortably Unsure and is all about sex.  Please go listen to it.

If you're one who likes to buy albums, go here to do that.

If you're one who likes to stream albums, listen to it on Spotify or right here.

If you want to get it on iTunes or elsewhere, it should be on there in the next few days, so check back after the weekend.

We are so excited to finally get this album out in the world.  Music and art are so important to us, and this album at this moment is our best effort to make something we've ever done.  Maybe you won't think its our "best work" or whatever, but to us, it feels like our best try.  I think that most bands probably feel that way about every album.  Even so, it just feels good to get it out there.  

We really hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out, even if it's just for a minute or two.  Take care.

New painting video for "Pretending to be Angry..." and first UU review! 

Yet another painting video!

But before we get to that, the first review for "Uncomfortably Unsure" came out yesterday.  It is very positive and kind towards the album.  Have a look for yourself.

But now, on to the painting video.  It's for a song called "Pretending To Be Angry At The One You Love For Reasons You Can't Quite Discern".  Check it out:

New painting video for "Effigy..." 

Happy New Year!  Here is a new painting video for "Effigy (or, Building A Wall Of Beliefs So High That You Completely Forget What Is On The Other Side)":

We'll have another one coming next week, and then another one a week after that, and then the album will be released, and then we'll release a bunch more over the next few months.  I hope you like them all.

New Painting video for "It's a Great White Shark...." 

Elizabeth and I are going to be making "painting videos" for each and every song on "Uncomfortably Unsure".  That's 23 paintings.  It'll be wonderful.  We've made the first one, and you can watch it right here:

Enjoy.  More to come.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


New album "Uncomfortably Unsure" out on Jan. 19 2018! 

SEX. Let's talk about it.

As I've grown older, I've discovered that a lot of the teachings I learned about sex and the realities of it were not in line with each other. My school, my church, my parents, my TV, my internet, and my culture were all telling me the who/what/when/where/why/how questions about sex, but once I actually had sexual experiences, I become confused. Everything did not add up.

My church taught me that “sex is the worst thing you can do (before marriage)!” and that “sex is wonderful (after marriage)!” Those sentiments taught me to feel guilty about ANYTHING resembling sexual feelings before marriage, and that guilt unfortunately stayed with me for a bit after marriage. Pornography taught me a fantastical version of sex that is both idolized and less than the actual thing. From all resources, though there was talk of “consent” I didn't really understand what that meant. For the most part, it seemed that sex was taught to me as something that one does while another person is there, rather than two people doing something together. It's a subtle distinction, yet one that makes all the difference.

On January 19 2018, we're releasing a new album called “Uncomfortably Unsure”. It's a non-sexy album about sex. These are not songs to put you in the mood. These are songs that try to unpack and examine the shortcomings one has surrounding sex in all it's definitions. I was told that it's not polite or proper to talk about these things. Well I want to talk about them.

This album has been 2-3 years in the making, yet it dovetails perfectly with the global conversation we all seem to be having right now: from the sexual allegations we hear daily about politicians and celebrities, to the growing use of Viagra among those under 25 years old, to the increasing polarization of the word “feminism”, to the public rise of non-gender-conforming individuals, etc. It is clear that as a society, we have some kind of sexual misunderstanding amongst each other. This new album is our small contribution to this continuing cultural conversation.

“Uncomfortably Unsure” will be out on Friday Jan. 19 2018. Below is the beautiful cover art that Elizabeth made. You can hear the first single, see the full tracklisting, and preorder the album on our bandcamp page here:

It's sort of a different kind of album, with long titles, short songs, and (to me anyway) a weird feeling of adventure. We are incredibly proud of it, and hope you love it.