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"The Touring Test" book OUT NOW!

Today is a fantastic day, because not only are we leaving for a 5+ week tour, Elizabeth's "The Touring Test" book is officially out now!

If you'd like to pick up a copy yourself, they're easily found right here.

Or some to a show of ours, as we will have them at our merch table.

Elizabeth said this is her favorite thing she's ever done.  I am so incredibly proud of her, and this is likely the first of many more books to come out in the years to come.  

Comments Section

Such a great show. We had never heard/seen you guys. But now are avid fans!! This weekend was great. We had finally got to have a date night (we have 4 After dinner, we looked online to see what was happening in Rochester, NY. We saw the event and decided to check it out. Unfortunately we arrived just as the last song was ending. (our fault for showing up late) BUT Eric was so very kind to have us pick a song out of a hat and played another one. Elizabeth is such an amazing painter. It did not feel like a big production. I loved the feel of the performances (music and painting) It was such an amazing experience. We ended up buying prints, t-shirt, CD, Comic book.... I'd love to host a show next time you're in Rochester!!

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