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Band Members

Eric Stevenson - Piano, vocals, harmonica

Elizabeth Jancewicz - On stage artist, inspiration for lots of things

Pocket Vinyl - The Gist

Pocket Vinyl's music is all about being uncomfortable.  It's about taking uncomfortable feelings and topics (death, fear, sex, theology, to name a few) and staring them in the face, trying to understand.  It's not meant to be sad or depressing, but rather full of wonder, curiosity, joy, fearlessness, and love.  Based mostly on the life principle that when you're uncomfortable, you are often learning, growing, and becoming a better person.

Their unique live show consists of Eric Stevenson slamming the piano while Elizabeth Jancewicz creates a painting on stage, which is then auctioned off to the highest bidder at every show.  Every painting is 100% unique..  They've made 5 albums, 3 EPs, a bunch of singles, the world's first MP (for "Mini-Play"), and even a full length feature documentary about small touring bands called "Drive. Play. Sleep." which is now streaming on Amazon Prime.  And that's all on top of the 800+ live concerts they've performed since forming in 2010.  Long story short: they remain a very active pair of artists.

If you're new to PV, we recommend starting with their new album "Uncomfortably Unsure".  You can stream that easily right here.  Some older fans are also very fond of our album "Death Anxiety", which you can stream here too.

For more info, search around social media, stream/listen to their albums, and/or come to a concert and say hi.