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May 25

Home for the summer

So we're home from our first tour after releasing "Uncomfortably Unsure" and it went very well.  Here are some highlights:

-4 or 5 people came up to us after shows and cried to us, telling us how much our records helped them through some rough times.  That was incredibly rewarding to hear each time.

-made a lot of audiences uncomfortable with the sex talk, yet it often then transformed into great conversations afterwards

-an artist who works for Marvel came to a show and said Elizabeth was a better artist than most of the people who work at Marvel.  While art isn't a competition and we hope everyone at Marvel is all doing great, it was a good compliment to hear.

-this one guy tipped us $200 one night for no particular reason outside of "keep going, you guys are doing great" 

-this one guy came said he heard about us through the "Google: Pocket Vinyl" sign on our car a few years ago, and has bought our albums and followed us ever since, but had never been to a show before.  It makes me wonder how many people like that are out there.

-saw a lot of old friends, new fans, and overall crowds seem to be a few people bigger every time we go out


So yeah, that's the last 3.5 months crammed together in a short list.  Our plans for this summer are a bit subdued.  We have a residency happening every Wednesday night in June at Strange Brew in Norwich, CT, so if you want to come to any of those shows, please do.  Maybe try to collect all 4 paintings?  We're going up to Canada in July to work at a camp on a native reservation that Elizabeth's parents are involved with, so that should be fun.  Elizabeth will have a few art festivals we'll be doing (all will be listed on our tour page) but overall, we're hunkering down and preparing for the fall and beyond.  We need a bit of a break from all the travel to be honest.  

BUT we also have a big announcement coming within the next month or two.  More on that later, but I hope you'll come along with us for the journey of it.  

For now, keep enjoying the albums and sit tight.  We'll be in touch soon.  Thanks again for all the support and love.  We need it to survive, so we appreciate every single friggin' drop.

You know you need this dress

This is Carrie, a wonderful PV fan.  As you can see, she looks absolutely stunning here.  She's wearing a 2018 Jancewicz Art piece here.  By which I mean: Elizabeth has discovered a way to print her paintings on dresses.  And come on, THEY LOOK GREAT.  She's only posted 4 or 5 different paintings at the moment, but she'll surely make more in the future.  If you'd like to check out these dresses for yourself:

Adult sizes (XS through 5XL)

Child sizes (2 through 16)

Elizabeth recommends you check the "size chart" listed in the photos of each listing for an accurate measurement.  

Seriously, though, don't those look amazing?  +20 points to the first person to wear one to a PV show.

April tour dates announced!

We have a bunch of tour dates up and down the east coast (and into OH, IN, and MI too) in April, as well as a couple March ones coming in the next week.  They are all listed on our tour page, so go there to check out times and such, or take a look at this nifty quick listing:


See you all on the road.  Let's have some fun together, eh?

Our new album "Uncomfortably Unsure" is out now!

Our early submission for "Album of the Year 2018" is out now!  It's called Uncomfortably Unsure and is all about sex.  Please go listen to it.

If you're one who likes to buy albums, go here to do that.

If you're one who likes to stream albums, listen to it on Spotify or right here.

If you want to get it on iTunes or elsewhere, it should be on there in the next few days, so check back after the weekend.

We are so excited to finally get this album out in the world.  Music and art are so important to us, and this album at this moment is our best effort to make something we've ever done.  Maybe you won't think its our "best work" or whatever, but to us, it feels like our best try.  I think that most bands probably feel that way about every album.  Even so, it just feels good to get it out there.  

We really hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out, even if it's just for a minute or two.  Take care.

New painting video for "Pretending to be Angry..." and first UU review!

Yet another painting video!

But before we get to that, the first review for "Uncomfortably Unsure" came out yesterday.  It is very positive and kind towards the album.  Have a look for yourself.

But now, on to the painting video.  It's for a song called "Pretending To Be Angry At The One You Love For Reasons You Can't Quite Discern".  Check it out:

New painting video for "The Humility Dilemma"

Only 11 days until Uncomfortably Unsure gets released on the world.  Here is another new song/painting video:

New painting video for "Effigy..."

Happy New Year!  Here is a new painting video for "Effigy (or, Building A Wall Of Beliefs So High That You Completely Forget What Is On The Other Side)":

We'll have another one coming next week, and then another one a week after that, and then the album will be released, and then we'll release a bunch more over the next few months.  I hope you like them all.

New Painting video for "It's a Great White Shark...."

Elizabeth and I are going to be making "painting videos" for each and every song on "Uncomfortably Unsure".  That's 23 paintings.  It'll be wonderful.  We've made the first one, and you can watch it right here:

Enjoy.  More to come.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


New album "Uncomfortably Unsure" out on Jan. 19 2018!

SEX. Let's talk about it.

As I've grown older, I've discovered that a lot of the teachings I learned about sex and the realities of it were not in line with each other. My school, my church, my parents, my TV, my internet, and my culture were all telling me the who/what/when/where/why/how questions about sex, but once I actually had sexual experiences, I become confused. Everything did not add up.

My church taught me that “sex is the worst thing you can do (before marriage)!” and that “sex is wonderful (after marriage)!” Those sentiments taught me to feel guilty about ANYTHING resembling sexual feelings before marriage, and that guilt unfortunately stayed with me for a bit after marriage. Pornography taught me a fantastical version of sex that is both idolized and less than the actual thing. From all resources, though there was talk of “consent” I didn't really understand what that meant. For the most part, it seemed that sex was taught to me as something that one does while another person is there, rather than two people doing something together. It's a subtle distinction, yet one that makes all the difference.

On January 19 2018, we're releasing a new album called “Uncomfortably Unsure”. It's a non-sexy album about sex. These are not songs to put you in the mood. These are songs that try to unpack and examine the shortcomings one has surrounding sex in all it's definitions. I was told that it's not polite or proper to talk about these things. Well I want to talk about them.

This album has been 2-3 years in the making, yet it dovetails perfectly with the global conversation we all seem to be having right now: from the sexual allegations we hear daily about politicians and celebrities, to the growing use of Viagra among those under 25 years old, to the increasing polarization of the word “feminism”, to the public rise of non-gender-conforming individuals, etc. It is clear that as a society, we have some kind of sexual misunderstanding amongst each other. This new album is our small contribution to this continuing cultural conversation.

“Uncomfortably Unsure” will be out on Friday Jan. 19 2018. Below is the beautiful cover art that Elizabeth made. You can hear the first single, see the full tracklisting, and preorder the album on our bandcamp page here:

It's sort of a different kind of album, with long titles, short songs, and (to me anyway) a weird feeling of adventure. We are incredibly proud of it, and hope you love it.

Enjoy 2 free Christmas songs!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Because we're a band, we're contractually obliged to release Christmas songs this time of year.  We recorded two of our favorite Christmas covers and you can get them for free exclusively on our bandcamp page right now.  Click here to go there.


The first one is "Just Like Christmas" by Low, which we consider to be a modern classic.  I've loved this song for a good 12 or 13 years, and while it's not a radio staple, for us it embodies the idea that a Christmas song can be GOOD, not just cheesy or flippant.  

The second one is "Trucking Trees For Christmas" by Red Simpson, which is a very cheesy and flippant tune.  It is very literally about a truck driver who delivers trees for Christmas, and it's probably in my top 3 Christmas songs of all time.  It's incredibly cheesy and weird, but delightful and comforting in that way that only cheesy Christmas songs are.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Enjoy the music and we hope you have a great holiday season!


Elizabeth has decided to ignore the worth of money and do a huge art sale on her online art store.  And by huge I mean that


That is stupidly insane.  She does not care about our savings or financial future of anything like that.  But it's her store so what can I do?

Anyway, if you would like to browse a whole bunch of original paintings, big and small prints, watercolors, Harry Potter inked characters, and all sorts of fun stuff, head over to her art store to browse around.  Just type in the coupon code "LITERALLY50" at checkout to get the discount.  Or follow this link where the code is already applied.

Enjoy!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

"Drive. Play. Sleep." is now out WORLDWIDE!


It's been 2 years, 138 shows, about 40,000 miles, 3 or 4 mental breakdowns, and now finally we have released our documentary "Drive. Play. Sleep."  Wherever you are reading this in the world, you can get it right now.  There are two ways to do that.

First, you can get it through the film's website.  Just click here.  Then you'll see all your options for viewing.

Second, it's on  Click here to go directly to the film's listing.

(Note: Apparently the Amazon warehouse is already out of DVD's.  That went fast.  We are sending the more today, so they'll be back in stock very soon, but you can still order them there.  Or if you want it faster, order it from the film's website and we'll send it to you ourselves.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support everyone.  This thing is a weird dream come true, and I'd be honored if you took the time to check it out.  I am confident you will enjoy it.  Thank you thank you thank you.

New "Drive. Play. Sleep." trailer! Watch now!

Our film "Drive. Play. Sleep." is being released worldwide on November 7!  Check out the new trailer we just released for it:



If you enjoyed it, please send it to some friends who might be interested.  We're doing this thing purely on a DIY level, so every person counts.  Thanks!

One of a kind PV keyrack!

Long story short: a guy named Josh came and saw "Drive. Play. Sleep." in Williamsport, PA a few weeks ago.  Then he told us he did woodworking stuff with bands.  Then he decided to make this one-of-a-kind keyrack that is up on ebay right now.

Click here to go check it out.  

He just made this because he likes our band.  If you would like this awesome thing (which uses Elizabeth's art in it, as you can see), then go bid on it.  Just like our live paintings, highest bidder gets it!


Film website up! New trailer coming Sept. 29!

So it's a bit naked at the moment, but the website for our upcoming documentary "Drive. Play. Sleep." is up and running!  If you'd like to see it with relatively few clothes on, head here:

In wonderful related news, we're going to be releasing a new trailer for the film on Friday Sept. 29!  Which is just next week.  That is soon.  We are excited to share it with you.

Lastly, we're opening up for Fleet at their album release concert this Saturday Sept. 23 at Strange Brew in Norwich, CT.  Come if you can.  Then we have more "Drive. Play. Sleep." screenings all over New England next week.  Then all over the midwest in October!  So much to do!  See you out there.

Come see "Drive. Play. Sleep." with us!

This fall, we're bringing "Drive. Play. Sleep." to YOU.  We're going on a special screening tour all over the country, and are probably coming near wherever you live.  

Head over to the tour dates page to see all the screenings near you.  Sometimes we're performing before a screening, but most of them are just regular screenings.  But all of them will have a Q&A with us afterwards!  That's something you won't get from a home viewing.

Also, forgive us, but sometimes we forget to update the website with news.  We let you know about the big stuff, but if you'd like to be more in touch with what we're doing, our facebook or instagram pages are much more frequently updated. 

Regardless, come out, see our film, and say hi.  It's a great film.  We even got our first review the other day, in which they called the movie "a must see!"

"Drive. Play. Sleep." Coming soon...

You have no idea.... many times I've felt this way at some random Walmart in Nowheresville, USA.

This is from Elizabeth's new autobiographical webcomic "The Touring Test".  Check it out on facebook right here.  Or click here for it on Instagram.

In other news, we have a few random summer shows and art festivals, all of which are listed on our tour page, so please check those out and come if you can.  Mostly stuff around New England.

Our documentary "Drive. Play. Sleep." is still in post production, getting sound, coloring, and title cards all sorted out.  We'll be releasing a new trailer, the poster, and all that next month (hopefully). 

The new album is about 70% done.  We are hoping to put it on vinyl, but it's so long that it'll need two discs, so not sure if we can afford to do that.  We're going to try, though!  

Right now, I kind of feel like it's the calm before the storm.  The next year is going to be very busy, very productive, and you guys will be getting all kinds of new art in all different formats from us.  I hope you enjoy all of it.  Or at least one thing.  

Elizabeth's new webcomic "The Touring Test"

Elizabeth has started a webcomic!  She's wanted to make a comic since she first learned to draw, and now she's finally doing it.  Frankly, I'm incredibly proud of her and I think it's amazing.  It's called "The Touring Test" and for the moment it's only on Facebook and Instagram.  She'll make a website for it eventually, but she's just going small at the moment.  I encourage you to go to each of those links and click on all the social media buttons associated with them.

It's a comic related to Pocket Vinyl very much, in that it's a semi-autobiographical comic about funny/weird things that happen to bands.  It nonlinear with each comic being it's own little story/joke, like newspaper comics.  

She posts a new comic every Tuesday.  She's only posted 4 so far, but she'll continue posting them for the infinite future.  Here's the one she just posted today:

How true.

So if this is something up your alley, follow the comic on instagram or facebook now.  

700th show!

OK so we have about a week left in our tour, and tonight is a very special night: our 700th show ever.  At least, we're pretty sure that's accurate.  We've kept track of the paintings by numbering them as we post them on facebook, and with there are no mistakes in that, tonight is the 700th one.  



Even though we have made more 4 albums worth of music over 7 years, it still feels like we're just getting started.  I hope we can at least do 7 more years and make 4 more albums.  I guess we'll find out together.  

Thanks for sticking with us for so long, and if you're new to the party, I hope you'll stick around and see what'll happen. 

Here's to the next 700!  *clink*

We made a movie!


So Elizabeth and I have made a full length documentary about small independent touring bands, and what that lifestyle is like.  It's called "I'm In A Promising Local Band" and we'll be releasing it in the Fall 2017.  I cannot tell you how excited we are to announce this.  We just released the trailer, and you should watch that right now: 



I hope that makes you excited for the actual film.

Also, we're on tour!  We have over 40 shows coming up in the next couple of months, and you should come if we're close to you.  Go to our tour page to see where we'll be.

Thank you so much for enjoying the stuff we make.

Poutlney, VT show cancelled

Hey everyone, so sorry to say, but tonight's show is cancelled in Poultney, VT at GMC's Coffee House.  There's a big snow storm coming to the whole northeast tonight, and we want both bands and show attendees to be safe and stay off the roads.  Very sorry about this.

However, we are already working on rescheduling it.  We'll let you know when we do.  Hopefully for sometime in a few months.  

Thanks for understanding.

Big Spring Tour Announced!

Hey everyone, so we just announced a HUGE tour happening this March/April.  Nearly 45 shows across the two months.  It's going to be epic.  Head to the tour page to check the schedule right now and see if we're coming to your town!  (We likely are)

Shows coming up this week!

Hey everyone, so we've got a few shows coming up this week in Vermont.  All shows can be seen on our tour page, but here are the details:

Jan. 20 - Montpellier, VT - Charlie O's World Famous   9:30 PM

Jan. 21 - Burlington, VT - Radio Bean    9 PM

Jan. 26 - Norwich, CT - Strange Brew    9 PM

It's been a long time for us since we had a show, over 2 months.  Feels like forever.  Looking forward to getting back to it.  We have a big tour to announce soon for March/April so be on the lookout for that!  Going all over for that one.  

2016 via photos

So we've been reflecting on everything that has happened this year in the world, and decided to put together a little video featuring many prominent pictures that defined the year (for us, anyway).  It features the new song we released the other day called "One More". 


Most of the pictures I took from a great article in the Atlantic.  Whatever this year meant to you, I hope you enjoy the song and video.



Merry Christmas! Here's a free new song

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!  Or Happy Holidays!  Or Joyful Family Time!  Or whatever you like to say.  It all means love.

You've helped us have quite a year.  It's been a crazy and eventful one for all of us worldwide, for better or for worse.  Specifically for Elizabeth and I, it's been very long, very short, exhausting, and fully rewarding.  If you came to a show, got some music, said hi somehow, showed a friend our music, or simply took a few moments to appreciate something we did, you helped us continue this band and make this year a success.  

As a big thank you, we're releasing a new song.  Good friends of mine asked me to write them something for their first dance at their wedding.  It wouldn't have been written if it weren't for them, and we think it came out pretty good.  It's up now and free on Bandcamp.  You can listen or download it right here:



It's already up on iTunes, and it'll be on Spotify and pretty much every other digital market/streaming service within a week.  

Big thanks to Daphne Lee Martin, who produced and sang harmony vocals on the track.  She is a great friend and amazing musician.  I recommend you check out her stuff here.

Thanks for 2016.  We'll continue to be a band as long as you keep on telling us to continue.  

Got a few extra t-shirts left....

So we've got a few hand screenprinted t-shirts left from our 2016 adventures, and we'd like to sell them off and start 2017 with shiny, fresh new ones.  We only have a few smalls and mediums left, and they're posted right here on our bandcamp page.  Here's what they look like:

Once they're gone, we'll never make this design again, so get them now while you can!

HUGE Holiday art sale! 50% off everything!

So on top of our huge bandcamp sale that is happening at the moment, Elizabeth has decided to do a huge holiday sale for ONE WEEK ONLY on her Etsy site.  It's full of art prints of your favorite PV paintings, homemade socks, stockings, handbags made of records, and even original artwork.  Yes, it's 50% off original pieces too INCLUDING original ink drawings from her new Bear of Bad News coloring book.  

This is a crazy sale, you guys.

Head over to her Etsy page and check things out.  Thanks, as always, for the support!



"The Bear of Bad News" coloring book is now available worldwide!

It's officially out, and you can buy it with money now.  Yay!  It's available via, so click here to go check it out!  Thanks for the support, and enjoy coloring Elizabeth's artwork!  Here are a few images below to give you a taste of what the book is like.






Huge Holiday Bandcamp Sale! Now through Jan. 2 2017!

We're starting our holiday sale a little early this year, which means it's available RIGHT NOW on our bandcamp page.  Click here to head over there right now!  You'll find plenty of digital music, physical goodies, and free shipping on everything.  It's a great time to dig into the PV back catalog. 


Thanks for all the support, everyone!  Here's to hoping 2017 is the best Pocket Vinyl year yet.

Our song "Nursery" will be in a movie!

So this is very exciting news: our lil' song "Nursery" is going to be in an indie documentary!  It's a film about trying to remove the stigma associated with many sexual assault survivors in our culture.  It's a fairly niche yet important thing that this movie tries to tackle, and it's made by people who are sexual assault survivors as well, so they know what they're talking about.  We're incredibly honored and humbled to be involved in such a great project.

If you agree with us that that is something that should exist in the world, they currently have a gofundme project.  Just click here to read more about it.

They've nearly paid for everything regarding the project out of pocket so far, and are nearly done filming.  They're trying to raise some money for the post-production aspect of it.  All things considered, it's a pretty reasonable amount, so even a buck or two helps.  

Regardless of what you choose to do, we'll let you know when the movie gets released, probably sometime next year.  Should be an enlightening experience.

An exhausted and sincere thank you

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for sticking with us as we travel around and try to keep making Pocket Vinyl a thing. Elizabeth and I have played more shows this year than we ever have, and are currently feeling the exhaustion of it all, which can often mess with the mind. It's easy to forget about all the wonderful things we have and people we've met when the present feels constricting. We just have a few shows left before we're home for a longer stretch, and we're looking forward to the rest. Ultimately, though, in my times of doubt when I don't know what else to do, I try to focus on all the things I'm thankful for. Mostly, I'm thankful that you all reading this have in some way helped us continue this weird, crazy, abnormal, wonderful, stressful, exciting, trying, and overwhelmingly rewarding dream job. It's been nearly 6 and a half years since the first PV show, and though there have been plenty of low moments, the heights of the joys you've given us have outweighed them 100 fold.

Thank you so much for liking what we do. I hope we've been able to give you some bit of happiness a fraction of the joy that you've given us.

I'm currently in a Subway in a Walmart in Kirksville, MO. Very unceremonious, but yet, I felt overcome with emotion enough to write this. Thank you forever, and however long you stick with us, we'll do our best to make it worth it.

Take care everyone. Happy Halloween!

A few cancellations, sadly

Hey everyone, quick note: due to circumstances outside of our control, we had a couple shows cancel within the next month.  They are as follows:

Oct. 4 at the Wall in Oxford, MS

Oct. 8 at the Raven Hookah Lounge in San Antonio, TX

Oct. 15 at the Bridge in Columbia, MO


The good news is that we have been able to get a replacement show for Oct 15, and it's in Galesburg, IL at the Glory Days Corner Barber Shop.  More info on that soon, but if you're in Galesburg, we'll see you on the 15th!  If you were planning on heading to one of our cancelled shows, we're incredibly sorry about the inconvenience.  We're as bummed as you are.

We still have a bunch more though to come, so we'll see the rest of you soon.  

Updated tour widget thing

Hey everyone, so we decided to change up the way we post tour dates.  We're using a new program that will post the dates on our website as well as bandcamp, youtube, spotify, facebook, and loads of other places.  Hopefully this'll mean more people at shows and more awareness about all things Pocket Vinyl.  We're just trying out the program at the moment, so if you have any questions about anything concerning it, let us know.  Regardless, see you on the road!

Tour time!

BOOM!  We're heading out for the big fall tour today!  Please come see us and invite friends, or tell friends about us if they're in another town we're coming through.  Word of mouth is pretty much crucial for small bands like lil' ol' us.  Very much appreciated.

In terms of the dates, head over to the tour page to see them all! 

See you on the road!  

The "Let's Try To Forget About The Upcoming Election For A Couple of Minutes" Tour!

Our third huge tour of the year is coming up next month, and we're heading down the coast and across the south.  Check out all these dates below and please mark your calendars!  A few of the "TBA" dates will hopefully be filled in soon, and when we do we'll update the schedule on our Tour Dates page.  We'll see you out there:

Sept. 9 - Norwich, CT - Strange Brew Pub     9 PM

Sept. 10 - Danbury, CT - Kate and April's House    8 PM

Sept. 11 - Albany, NY - Emack and Bolio's     8 PM

Sept. 12 - Harlem, NY - Silvana    8 PM

Sept. 13 - Beacon, NY - Dogwood Bar    8:30 PM

Sept. 14 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's    10 PM

Sept. 16 - Norfolk, VA - NEON Festival!

Sept. 17 - Richmond, VA - On The Rox    9 PM

Sept. 18 - Roanoke, VA - Shelf House    9 PM

Sept. 19 - Blacksburg, VA - Sycamore Deli      

Sept. 20 - Appomattox, VA - Baine's Books and Coffee    6:30 PM

Sept. 21 - Johnson City, TN - Acoustic Coffeehouse     10 PM

Sept. 22 - Asheville, NC - TBA

Sept. 23 - Asheboro, NC - Josh's shed      9 PM

Sept. 24 - Gastonia, NC - Zoe's Coffeehouse   9 PM

Sept. 25 - Greenville, SC - Radio Room    9 PM

Sept. 27 - Lawrenceville, GA - Galactic Quest Comics    6 PM

Sept. 28 - Murfreesboro, TN - Two Tone Art Gallery      

Sept. 29 - TBA (contact us if you can help!)

Sept. 30 - Montevallo, AL - Eclipse Coffee     

Oct. 1 - Cleveland, MS - Otherfest!     

Oct. 2 - Starkville, MS - Dave's Dark Horse Tavern   8 PM

Oct. 3 - Tupelo, MS - Blue Canoe    8 PM

Oct. 4 - Oxford, MS - The Wall

Oct. 5 - New Orleans, LA - TBA

Oct. 6 - Beaumont, TX - LogOn Cafe    

Oct. 7 - TBA (contact us if you'd like to help!)

Oct. 8 - San Antonio, TX - Raven Hookah Lounge    

Oct. 9 - Fort Worth, TX - Fairmount Community Library/Dreamy Life Records

Oct. 10 - Denton, TX - Aaron's House

Oct. 12 - Tulsa, OK - PH Community House

Oct. 13 - TBA (contact us if you'd like to help!)

Oct. 14 - Kansas City, MO - Californos Westport    

Oct. 15 - Jefferson City, MO - The Bridge     

Oct. 16 - Kirkville, MO - The Aquadome    

Oct. 17 - Pana, IL - Rose City Underground  

Oct. 18 - Indianapolis, IN - Melody Inn    9 PM

Oct. 20 - Rochester, NY - House show!

Nov. 4 - Somersworth, NH - Teatotaller Tea House

Nov. 5 - Bangor, ME - Rock and Art Shop   

Nov. 10 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM

Nov. 11 - Lancaster, PA - F&M College at the Other Room Theater

Nov. 18 - New London, CT - Connecticut College

PV cartoons

Elizabeth sometimes needs to take a break from normal art work and do something fun.  This week, she decided to make a bunch of pictures of the two of us as different cartoon characters from shows we love.  We're posting them once a day all this week on our facebook page.  Here are what she's done so far. 

I love these more than I can express through typing.

More to come!

"The Canyon Rays"! New PV Recommends!

So we wrote a new PV Recommends article about The Canyon Rays.  They're a wonderful band that I encourage you to check out.  Click here to go read the article/hear great music.

There are so many bands we love that we meet and hear on the road, and the whole idea behind "PV Recommends" is to expose you to a small but great sampling of that.  Never forget that some of the best music being made is not getting national attention.  There is certainly a TON of people making music out there, but never give up the fight to find the smaller groups.  They are often doing the most interesting stuff.

Anyway, thanks everyone.  We have a 33 Golden St. show happening in New London, CT this coming Saturday, so come on out if you can!

"The Bear of Bad News" 234% funded! Thank you!

Wooo!  Thank you SO MUCH to all who supported the Bear of Bad News coloring book project.  It's very much not really a "Pocket Vinyl" project at all, but it means a lot to Elizabeth.  Plus, just the fact that it's her first big crowd funded art project feel particularly big to both of us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  We reached 13 stretch goals, and brought the final page count of the book from 12 pages to 25 pages!  That means the book more than DOUBLED in it's size from the original idea!  Woo!

If you missed the campaign, no worries, we'll have copies of the book available online and at our merch table come 2017.  MAYBE earlier than that, but we'll see.  No promises at this point.  If you backed the project, though, you can expect your copies by Christmas.

Also, we're back from our big summer tour.  Thank you all who came out, and welcome to all the new fans.  We must admit, this tour had a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately it was wonderful.  We'll announce tour dates for a big fall tour in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.  We should be debuting some new songs on the fall tour too!

Thanks again for being such wonderful, supporting fans and friends.  We very much appreciate it.

The Bear of Bad News! Now on Kickstarter!

Elizabeth has just launched her first Kickstarter art project!  It's for an adult coloring book called "The Bear of Bad News".  It's of a bear giving you terrible news.  It's wonderful, funny, dark, and awesome.  If you'd like to check it out, just click here.


Thanks!  We're still on tour, by the way, and will be for a few weeks.  Make sure you're up to date on our tour schedule so you can see if we're coming to a place near you.  See you on the road!

We won 3 more Whalies!

So the great New London music community holds a wonderfully self-indulgent and self-aware local awards show every year called the Whalies.  The event was last night, and we won three awards: "Best Pop Act", "Best Pop Song" (for our track "Run"), and "Pop Album of the Year".  They sadly didn't have a "Best Painter" award, but you know that if they did Elizabeth would have scooped that right up.  Here's us with our awards at the show last night.

And as you may have noticed, Elizabeth and I dress up as each other.  Our cut out faces look forward to haunting your dreams forever.

Big thanks to everyone who has given us a shot, whatever kind of shot that may be.  And we feel like we're just getting started....

Summer tour dates announced!

We've got a whole big northern tour coming up this summer!  If you're in a state that borders Canada, there's a good chance we're coming near you.  It's all always on our tour dates page, or just check out the dates right here:

May 10 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Jon Herr   8 PM!  WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

May 13 - Rochester, NY - Boulder Coffee (100 Alexander location)   8 PM

May 17 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Leroy Townes   8 PM!    WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

May 21 - Jamestown, NY - Mojo's    10 PM

May 24 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Erica Wolfling   8 PM!   WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

June 3 - Rowley, MA - TBA

June 4 - Keene, NH - Keene Art Walk    3 PM

June 16 - Rochester, NY - Monroe Park Community Center

June 17 - Buffalo, NY - Jon's House    8 PM

June 18 - Cleveland, OH - House Show   

June 19 - Cleveland, OH - Festival 

June 20 - Lansing, MI - Green Door   9 PM

June 22 - Chesterton, IN - Red Cup Cafe    6 PM

June 23 - Michigan City, IN - Fire and Water   8 PM

June 24 - Pana, IL - Rose City Underground Fundraiser

June 25 - Chicago, IL - Wilson Abbey Theater   7 PM

June 26 - Madison, WI - Paint Bar     5:30  

                 -show starts at 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 Elizabeth will be teaching an open art class if you'd like to join

June 27 - Green Bay, WI - RumRunners   8 PM

June 29 - Superior, WI - Red Mug Coffee  7 PM

June 30 - Aitkin, MN - Aitkin Beanery    8 PM

July 1 - Aberdeen, SD - Red Rooster

July 2 - Rapid City, SD - Hay Camp Brewery   6 PM

July 3 - Minot, ND - Main Street Books

July 6 - Bozeman, MT - Zebra Cocktail Lounge

July 7 - Bozeman, MT - 406 Brewing Co.   

July 8 - Helena, MT - Lewis and Clark Brewing Co.    8 PM

July 9 - Spokane, WI - Saranac Commons    7 :30  PM

July 12 - Everett, WA - Tony V's Garage

July 13 - Seattle, WA - Cafe Racer    9 PM

July 14 - Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur    10 PM

July 15 - Tacoma, WA - Odd Otter Brewing

July 17 - Richland, WA - Emerald of Siam    6 PM

July 20 - Salt Lake City, UT - Dawg Pound    9 PM

July 21 - Boulder, CO - The Forge

July 22 - Denver, CO - Seventh Circle

July 23 - Kearney, NE - Gillie's Live

July 30 - New London, CT - 33 Golden St.   9 PM


We don't often tour in the summer, so this'll be fun.  And this is only our second time to the west coast and our FIRST time to Utah!  Score!  Be sure to send your Utah friends our way, please.  

Playing in Buffalo, NY (nearly) every Tuesday in May!

Happy Star Wars day, everyone!  May the fourth be with you.

Now that all the important news has been settled, we wanted to let you know a few things.  

1) Last night was our first weekly residency show at Merge in Buffalo, NY.  We have three more over the next few weeks, so please come out and/or tell your friends/family/coworkers to do the same.

2) Last night we started at 7, but we have decided to move up the rest of the weeks to 8.  So the shows will now be from 8 to 10 instead of 7 to 9.  Make note!

3) Here is Elizabeth's awesome painting from last night.  It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but something out the blue made this one feel fairly fresh and new.  Can't quite explain it but take a look for yourself.


In the meantime, our lives in Buffalo this month have so far been great.  We're both focusing on the change of environment to not only try to relax a bit, but also to focus hard on producing art.  Elizabeth is working on a lot of personal projects, and I'm trying to write something on the piano every day.  A lot of it will probably suck, but I've found that if I can train/force myself to be creative every day, it's far easier to be creative overall.  Kind of like working out or something.  Either way, hopefully this month will produce many new songs that will become your new PV favorites.

We'll be in Buffalo, NY for a little while....

Long story short: Elizabeth and I will be living in Buffalo, NY for the month of May!  We're not moving away from CT, but we'll just be living in a community art house for a month as a fun creative experiment.  Hopefully, a lot of new music and art will be made in that time.  While that happens, we're actually going to be playing a weekly show at Merge in downtown Buffalo!  Every Tuesday in May we'll be playing with a different local musician.  Plus, we have a few other local Western New York dates.  

AND, we're going to be on tour for the next couple weeks!  Here are all our upcoming dates:


April 1 - Harrisburg, PA - Midtown Scholars    8 PM

April 2 - Coal Center, PA - Cook and Maid    7 PM

April 4 - Silver Springs, MD - Mighty Monday at Abyssinia      9 PM

April 5 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM

April 6 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's     10 PM

April 7 - Roanoke, VA - The Leftovers   6 PM

April 8 - Blacksburg, VA - Rock The Block Festival

April 11 - Flemington, NJ - Flemington DIY    7 PM

April 30 - Buffalo, NY - 440 Plymouth    8 PM

May 3 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Wes Aikins  7 PM!  WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

May 10 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Jon Herr   7 PM!  WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

May 13 - Rochester, NY - Boulder Coffee (100 Alexander location)   8 PM

May 17 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Leroy Townes   7 PM!    WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!

May 21 - Jamestown, NY - Mojo's

May 24 - Buffalo, NY - Merge w/ Erica Wolfling   7 PM!   WEEKLY RESIDENCY SHOW!


And starting TODAY, Elizabeth has an art gallery up on the Merge walls for all of April!  The paintings will be taken down in early May, but if you're in the Buffalo area sometime in April, head to Merge and check out the 25+ pieces Elizabeth made for the event.  It's quite an awesome collection, and Merge is a fantastic place, so it would be an awesome date night (hint hint).


So we got back from 7 weeks out on the road this last Sunday.  We are very happy to be home.  However, we have plenty of dates still coming up, as well as plenty of projects here at home to keep us busy.  Elizabeth is currently making some paintings for a gallery show of hers coming up in Buffalo, NY at Merge (go there in April to see it!), and I'm booking our summer tour, taking care of little details around the house, and trying to make another board game.  All the while trying to catch up on sleep we missed in the past couple months.  The overall headline for us, though, is "Life is good".  

The "We Are A Band Worth Your Time" tour was most certainly our best tour to date.  Every tour seems to be like that.  When we started, I felt like good shows happened 40% or 50% of the time.  Now, I feel like they're 75% or 80% of the time.  We saw many great fans, old and new alike, and even had one girl fly from Dallas to Denver JUST TO SEE US.  She didn't even have any friends in Denver to stay with.  I still can't wrap my head around that, but we're sure glad she came.  Her, as well as all of you would have seen us at some point or another, have been unbelievably encouraging.  As with any creative pursuit, it's very easy to get down on yourself and think what you do is meaningless.  Elizabeth and I often feel that way.  But it sure helps us find the drive to keep going due to you all.  There is no amount of words I can type or say that would convey how grateful we feel to you.  I hope you'll continue to stay on the PV train as long as it goes.

All that said, we are very far from ever being done.  We have a lot of shows coming up in April and May (click here to check them out!), and in June/July we plan on doing another 4 or 5 week one, probably to the Pacific Northwest and back, and will likely hit a lot of the same places we just hit on this tour.  Keep an eye out for that.  We'll announce specifics as it gets closer. 

Lastly, I wrote a new "PV Recommends" article today about our good friend Jordan in Gaffer Project.  You can read that right here.  Or just listen to this:



Elizabeth's favorite painting

Elizabeth did this painting in Milwaukee, WI the other night.  She told me right afterwards that she feels it is the best painting she's ever done on stage, and her favorite.  I thought that was an excuse enough to share it with you.  I recommend you make it your desktop background.

New tour dates for April!

Happy Leap Day.  To celebrate, we're offering this information: new tour dates!  Here they are:


March 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Omar's Hookah Lounge    9 PM

March 26 - Lancaster, PA - The Other Room Theater at F&M College    8 PM

April 1 - Harrisburg, PA - Midtown Scholars    8 PM

April 2 - Coal Center, PA - Cook and Maid    7 PM

April 4 - Silver Springs, MD - Mighty Monday at Abyssinia      9 PM

April 5 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM

April 6 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's     10 PM

April 7 - Roanoke, VA - The Leftovers   6 PM

April 8 - Blacksburg, VA - Rock The Block Festival

April 9 - Washington, DC - TBA

April 11 - Flemington, NJ - Flemington DIY    7 PM

Just a little trek down to VA and back.  Always a good time.  

This current tour we're still on, the "We Are A Band Worth Your Time" tour, is going great.  Bum shows here and there, but overall, PV fans have been coming out, telling friends, and generally spreading the word.  This is so wonderful and welcoming.  Thank you all so much for helping out our little outfit.  I hope we're staying good and entertaining enough for you to continue doing so.  

Waffles with Pocket Vinyl

Our good friend Jordan of the Gaffer Project (who you really should be listening to) interviewed us while eating at the Waffle House.  Enjoy us eating and answering Jordan's questions.  Do you also think you sound weird when you talk on a video?  We both do.  Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to let you know that 2016 is going to be a big year for us.  We've got a few great things planned for this year that will reveal themselves to you all overtime.  

But for right now, Happy New Year!  I hope 2016 is great for you as well.  We're starting off the year hard with a 7 week tour heading all over the country, and hitting Louisiana and Colorado for the first time!  Woo!  All our tour dates are right here.  

See you on that road. 

The "We are a band worth your time" Tour announced!

Merry Christmas!  We've added about 7 weeks of tour dates this coming Jan. 21 through March 12!  Woo!  They're over on the tour page!  Click here to go there now!

Also, Elizabeth illustrated the 12 days of Christmas.  Check this sweet thing out:

Thank you

Thank you for liking our band. Thank you for coming to shows. Thank you for listening to our music. Thank you for enjoying our paintings. Thank you for telling us your own stories. Thank you for speaking with us before and after concerts. Thank you for sharing your art with us. Thank you for wanting to stay in touch with what we're doing. Thank you for sharing what we do with people you know. Thank you for believing we are worth you time. Thank you for being a kind person to us. Thank you for accepting us as who we are. Thank you for writing us messages of how you've enjoyed what we do. Thank you for coming out to a show for a second or third time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I feel an enormous amount of humility, thankfulness, love, and gratitude this morning towards you all for supporting what we do. Just wanted to share it with you all. Thank you.

(I posted this on FB this morning, but figured it needed to be posted here as well.  Take love)

PV recommends Leroy Townes

Hey folks, so we play with a lot of bands that are criminally unknown.  We know more than anyone how tough it is to get people to listen to your music.  So in an effort to help share the love, about once a month or so, I'm going to write a post about a band we love and think you should listen to.

First up: Leroy Townes.  Head to the article and give a read/listen.  Or click the tab to your upper right.

I hope you enjoy.  Music is such a pleasure to play and share.

Elizabeth's Art Emporium!

I hope you're all enjoying the nice autumn weather.  Elizabeth and I are cold weather people, so we're loving it.  Plus, "Tin" is sort of a cold weather album (in my mind) so I hope that's soundtracking your fall nicely. 

Anyway, we have a bunch of shows happening all over New England for the rest of the year, so check our tour dates page for the details on those.

Also, Elizabeth has been hard at working getting her Etsy shop together.  I highly HIGHLY recommend you check it out.  There you can get paintings, socks, and prints (among other trinkets)....all of which would be perfect as a gift for someone for the upcoming holiday season.  Plus, you'd get that wonderful satisfaction that your money is going directly to the lil' local folks. 

Thanks everyone!  Stay warm and Happy Halloween!

500th show!

So last night, on Sept. 27 2015, we played in Mac's Bar in Lansing, MI.  It was our 500th show!  I must admit, that sounds more impressive than it feels.  We kind of feel like we still just started, but 500 sure is a lot of paintings.  I recommend you head to our facebook page to flip through some of them and see how far we've come.  

But for now, I'll just say: Hooray!  500 shows!  Here's to 5000 more.  *clink*

Pockumentary: The Making of "Tin"

So the wonderful Brad Bensko (who produced the record) and I sat down together and made a couple podcasts about how we made "Tin".  If you'd like to get deep into the nuts and bolts of the new album, click here and take a listen.

I recommend saving it for a long drive or something.  Hope you enjoy.

"Tin" is out! Go get it now!

We are excited.

So "Tin" is now out in the wild and garnering it's own identity in the minds of the public.  It is no longer in our control.  We strongly encourage you to go get a copy for yourself.  Here's are some of the main spots:





If you want to get the record on vinyl, go here.  You can also go here to get it on CD.  

So you use some other digital music outlet/store?  Chances are that "Tin" is also available there as well.  

Or you can just come get a copy from us directly at a show, of which many are happening soon.

Enjoy the record.  See you on the road.


Listening party in New London, CT!

So on September 8, the day that "Tin" is fully released into the world, we're going to be having a listening party at the Telegraph Record Store in New London, CT at 6 PM!  So if you want to BYOB, a couple friends, and come listen to a record with a bunch of fellow strangers/PV fans, then do so!  We'll have copies of the album available as well.

The Telegraph is actually the brick and mortar home base of our record label "Telegraph Recording Co."  It's an honor that we've been able to put out our last few records with those good people.  We have many other fantastic label mates, including Daphne Lee Martin, Violent Mae, Elison Jackson, among many other future greats.  

Elizabeth is sadly up in Canada right now on business, so she won't be there, but I (Eric) shall be.  So come keep me company and listen to our new art.  

It's Elizabeth's birthday! AND "Tin" is available for pre-order now!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!  You are my favorite human being.

I recommend you go to her art page and give her some birthday love.

Less importantly, you can now pre-order "Tin" from our bandcamp page!  AND you can hear the first 3 songs.  If you preorder anything, you'll even be able to DOWNLOAD those first three songs right now!  Sweet!  Go do that please!  Once Sept. 8 comes, you'll get the whole album.


New album.  New tour.  New sound.  New fashion.  New paintings.

Please come see us.  Here's where we'll be in the coming months:


Aug. 21 - Oakville, CT - Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes    8 PM

Aug. 22 - New London, CT - Gramma Dot's House    8 PM


Sept. 17 - Hamden, CT - Kurt and Nicole's house   7 PM  - HOUSE SHOW

Sept. 18 - Westfield, MA - Mariah's house    8 PM -  HOUSE SHOW

Sept. 19 - Lancaster, PA - Other Room Theatre at Franklin & Marshall College    8 PM

Sept. 20 - Selinsgrove, PA - Hidden Oasis Hookah Lounge    8 PM

Sept. 21 - Bryn Mawr, PA - Omar's Hookah Cafe     

Sept. 22 - York, PA - Sign of the Wagon          HOUSE SHOW

Sept. 23 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM

Sept. 25 - California, PA - Cook and Maid       HOUSE SHOW

Sept. 26 - Cleveland, OH - Elizabeth and Travis' house    8 PM    HOUSE SHOW

Sept. 27 - Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar

Sept. 28 - Detroit, MI - PJ's Lager House

Sept. 30 - Chesterton, IN - Red Cup Cafe     6 PM

Oct. 5 - Blacksburg, VA - XYZ Gallery   7:30 PM      SORT OF HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 6 - Decatur, AL - Leonard Nimoy Center     8 PM

Oct. 7 - Nashville, TN - Ford's house     8 PM     HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 8 - Columbia, TN - Jaryn and Nic's house        HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 9 - Murfreesboro, TN - Two Tone Art Gallery     8 PM

Oct. 10 - Greenville, SC - Radio Room   9:30 PM

Oct. 11 - Asheboro, NC - Josh's house    8 PM    HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 12 - Appomattox, VA - Baine's Books and Coffee    6:30 PM

Oct. 13 - Roanoke, VA - Ryan's house      HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 14 - McLean, VA - Elizabeth's house       HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 15 - Baltimore, MD - Boxelder's house     HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 16 - Middletown, NY - The Elephant Graveyard    7 PM     HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 17 - Danbury, CT - Kate and April's house      8 PM    HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 28 - Cantebury, CT - Erica's house      HOUSE SHOW

Oct. 29 - New London, CT - The Oasis Pub    9 PM

Nov. 5 - Burlington, VT - Jacky and Scott's house      HOUSE SHOW

Nov. 6 - Burlington, VT - Radio Bean   8:30  PM 

Nov. 7 - Middlesex, VT - Tara's house      HOUSE SHOW

Nov. 21 - Buffalo, NY - House of College Friends       HOUSE SHOW

Nov. 22 - Rochester, NY - Abigail's Neighbor's     HOUSE SHOW


We'll announce the addresses for all the house shows very soon.  For right now, mark you calendar.  See you soon!

"Run" to your computer to watch our new video

"Run" is the first track from "Tin" and, we believe, opens up the album well.  We're really proud about how it all came out, and I hope this music video makes you feel slightly uncomfortable for reasons you can't quite articulate.  Enjoy!

"Tomorrow" Music Video!

New song.  New video.  This is the closing track off "Tin" and it's about Robin Williams and depression in general.  I feel very proud about how it came out.  Special thanks to Isaac from the band Phonosynthesis!


"Tin" is coming...

Music releases.......podcasts.......


Summer tour dates added!

Short update today: I just posted a bunch of tour dates for the summer.  We may add a few more yet, but we're taking a bit of a rest from the big tours, gearing up for a lot of those come the fall/winter/spring in support of "Tin", which will get released in September.

But for now, go check out our tour dates and see if we're coming near you!  If we are, please come. 



The tour is finished, you guys.

That was a fantastic tour.

We're exhausted, but also excited.  

Taking a sort of break, just playing mostly Northeastern shows for the summer.  

Then we'll release "Tin", our 4th album.

And THEN, we'll hit the road endlessly again.

Life is wonderful.  Thank you all.

Tour update! On our way back east...

Hey everyone, 

I'm writing to you from Butte, MT where we're playing at the Venus Rising Espresso House in just a few hours.  This tour has been absolutely wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who has come to see us, purposefully or accidentally.  We've been feeling so blessed by all of you.  It seems like nearly every night is a new adventure, which is the best kind of tour to have.  We're going to see Yellowstone over this Easter weekend.  Celebrate the holiday in what may be the closest to "God's country" as we could ever get.  Elizabeth has never seen a Buffalo, so she is more than excited for the herds.

"Tin" is currently being mastered, and we'll send it off to the presses before the end of the month.  With the long turn around on vinyl, hopefully we'll get them back by for an August release, but September at the latest.  We always seems to release albums in the fall.  Weird.  Elizabeth has been telling me that she thinks this new album is our best yet, and most unique.  Hopefully the first in a long line of albums that fit those descriptions.

Here's a pic of us at the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago.  I recommend all of you go on tour sometime in your life, if nothing else than just to see all the crazy landscapes, ecosystems, climates, and natural beauty this country has to offer.  

We still have a few weeks to go until we get back home, so check out our tour dates if you live in a northern state between MT and CT, and we'll probably be coming near you.  Thanks again everyone!

Official (sort of) music video for "Death Anxiety"!

So we played at Two Tone Art Gallery in Murfreesboro, TN a few weeks ago, and the wonderful man/fan/friend Matt Marson asked if he could film the performance.  Then asked if Elizabeth could wear a camera on her head.  We of course said yes, and he made this fantastic video of the entire show.  We never had any ideas for a "Death Anxiety" music video, so this one will pretty much be it as far as we're concerned.  Thank you so much, Matt!

Matt does lots of fantastic videography work.  Check his stuff out here!

Tour starts today!

And we're off!  Today marks the start of our tour across the nation!  Come out and see us!

February 18 - New London, CT - The Telegraph    7 PM

February 19 - Mansfield, PA - Mansfield University at The Hut   9 PM

February 20 - Binghamton, NY - Cyber Cafe West    9 PM

February 21 - Bryn Mawr, PA - Omar's Hookah Cafe  7 PM

February 22 - Lancaster, PA - The Other Theater at F&M College    8:30 PM

February 23 - Baltimore, MD - Sidebar   9 PM

February 24 - Norfolk, VA - Borjo's Coffehouse   7 PM

February 25 - Appomattox. VA - Baine's Books     6 PM

February 26 - Roanoke, VA - The Bazaar    8 PM

February 27 - Roanoke, VA - The Rat at Hollins University    8 PM

February 28 - Blacksburg, VA - XYZ Gallery    7 PM   

March 1 - Greenville, SC - Radio Room   9 PM    

March 3 - Murfreesboro, TN - Two Tone Art Gallery

March 4 - Decatur, AL - The Leonard Nimoy Center    7PM   (message us for address)

March 5 - Cleveland, MS - Hey Joe's    10 PM

March 6 - Little Rock, AR - (message us for address)

March 7 - Providence Village, TX - Derrick and Nicole's House   8 PM   (message us for address)

March 8 - Fort Worth, TX - Fairmount Community Library   

March 9 - Denton, TX - J and J's Pizza   8 PM

March 10 - Norman, OK - Dope Chapel     8 PM

March 11 - Albuquerque, NM - The Tannex

March 12 - Santa Fe, NM - Duel Brewing    7 PM

March 13 - Flagstaff, AZ - The Hive    7:30 PM

March 14 - Pheonix, AZ - The Trunk Space     7 PM

March 16 - Morro Bay, CA - Otter Rock Cafe  6 PM

March 17 - Nevada City, CA - The Old 5 Mile House   6 PM

March 18 - Fresno, CA - Full Circle Brewing   8 PM

March 19  - North Hollywood, CA - Republic of Pie    6 PM

March 20 - Berkeley, CA - Garden Shows   7 PM

March 21 - Roseville, CA - Beatnik Books   7 PM

March 22 - Napa, CA - Living Vine Church    7 PM

March 24 - Cottage Grove, OR - Axe & Fiddle    8:30  PM

March 25 - Portland, OR - The Tardis Room    9 PM

March 26 - Olympia, WA - Deadbeat Records     8 PM

March 27 - Tacoma, WA - House show   8 PM   (email us for address)

March 28 - Bellingham, WA - Alternative Library

April 1 - Spokane, WA - Checkerboard Bar   8 PM

April 2 - TBA

April 3 - Butte, MO - Venus Rising Espresso House

April 6 - Minot, ND - Pangea House    7:30  PM

April 7 - Aberdeen, SD - Red Rooster Coffee House    6:30 PM

April 8 - TBA April 9 - La Crosse, WI - The Root Note    9:30 PM

April 10 - Chicago, IL - Everyone's Coffee at JPUSA

April 12 - Chesterton, IN - Church gig TBA 

April 13 - Chesterton, IN - Red Cup     6 PM

April 14 - TBA April 15 - TBA

April 16 - Cincinnati, OH - The Rake's End

April 17 - California, PA - Cook and Maid

April 18 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209    7 PM


Lastly, our Kickstarter is only two days away from completion!  If you haven't backed it yet, go check it out!

See you on the road.

Listen to the new song "Run"

Hey everyone, I don't really know what to say other than we are incredibly proud of this un-finished, un-mastered song.  We just wanted to share it.




We're getting close to the end of the KS campaign as well as the end of the funding!  We're so close!  If you love the song, please help back the project and spread it around!  

Puppet Vinyl! Buttercup Music Video!

Hey guys,

We've got some great videos for you that we've uploaded recently.  First is a new little series we're starting to help promote the Kickstarter campaign for "Tin" (which if you haven't backed yet, you totally should).  It's called "Puppet Vinyl" and is better seen than described:


Secondly, Elizabeth hand-animated over 250 pieces for a 1 minute video for the tiny Death Anxiety nugget "The Buttercup (Little Tea Leaf)".  It's our first fully animated video, and looks wonderful:


Once again, please go support our Kickstarter!  We're nearly halfway there and still have 18 days to go.  Do it and gets tons of great stuff!

Announcing "Tin", our 4th album

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a wide smile we announce our 4th upcoming album "Tin".  Check out this cover art (by Elizabeth, of course):

We are beyond excited about this.  We're currently in the studio working on it now, and we're hoping we can help rally you guys to help us fund it.  We've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for recording and vinyl duplication.  This will be the first Pocket Vinyl album to appear on a 12" record (hopefully).

Click here to go to the KS campaign now.

One of the rewards is an exclusive, hand screen-printed t-shirt.  Which I think you'll agree will look great in your mirror selfies:

The image to the left is how it will look normally, and the image to the right is for when you look dashing in a mirror.

Thank you all for your support over the last 4.5 years, and we hope you'll continue to journey with us for the next 40.  Cheers!

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