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Vote on our future album

We've decided to open up our future as a band to you.  Together with our Patreon supporters, we've narrowed down our list of possible concept albums to two choices: "Hope" and "A double EP about Good and Evil".  

We need your voice!

We're doing a poll on FB, so please head there and make your voice heard.  Thank you so much!

RODE is a pretty great company

I know so little about gear.  I've never been a guy who cared about music gear outside of whatever I needed.  Microphones are certainly a blind spot for me in that regard.  So all I can comment on gear is with my own experience.

A guy named Doug from RODE Microphones recently reached out to us.  He said he saw Drive. Play. Sleep., loved it, and wanted to support us by having the company he works for send us free microphones.  He gave us a blank check, basically.  He, and the good folks at RODE, are very, very nice.  

This has never happened to us, and we find it incredibly strange.  For someone to just give you very expensive things for something you did over a year ago is an odd experience for anyone, I'd imagine.  We got the mics the other day, and made this unboxing video about it:

What a great company.

All they asked in return is that we just talk about how they gave them to us on our website and socials.  Perhaps we're selling out, but hey, that seems more than fair in our book.  

If you need some microphones, I recommend you start a piano/painting band, tour your butts off, make a movie about it, and have them randomly see it and reach out to you.  Or you can take the shortcut and just buy them, which I think you'll agree is easier.




Elizabeth has gone insane, like clockwork, right after Thanksgiving yet again.  She has decided to be financially unstable and offer 50% off everything in her Etsy store.  If you want prints, original paintings, and the like, now is the time.

Just head here to get the savings.

That link should apply it automatically, or you can enter "HALFOFF" at checkout.

Enjoy the insanity of my best friend.  She's currently cackling like a witch while screaming "THE SAVINGS!!!  THE SAAAAVVIIIIINGSS!" towards the moon.

Get double the prints on Patreon! Sign up before Nov. 30.

So we're back from the tour (went FANTASTIC by the way.  You all are amazingly friendly and supportive of what we do in a way that astounds us.  Thank you) and Elizabeth and I decided on a little gift thing.  

As you may know, we have a Patreon page.  Some of the rewards include us sending you exclusive prints of PV show paintings in various sizes.  Well, if you sign up for one of the monthly print levels on or before Nov. 30, we'll send you DOUBLE the prints.  Let me break it down for you:

Usually, you get one small print at $10 a month.  And then one small and one large print at $18.

For December only, you will get TWO small prints for $10, and TWO small and TWO large prints for $18!!!

These are a mix of Patreon exclusive prints and prints that you'll receive before they hit any other outlet of ours.  

We just thought this would be a fun gift for our supporters.  If you'd like to take advantage, go join up.

Tour update

So we have 6 shows left in this current tour we're on, and so far it has been AMAZING.  People have been coming out to shows at a steady rate for a variety of reasons.  They seem to be finding us through our film, Elizabeth Touring Test comic, or just our music wherever they happen to find it.  Maybe it's all just good luck, or we're picking good shows, or something along those lines, but for whatever reason, it feels very validating and encouraging.  We're hitting show 800 on Thursday night, too, which sounds a lot bigger than it actually feels.  That "1000th show" mark feels ever closer....

We did have one bum show in Cheyenne, WY.  To be fair, we never played there (or anywhere in Wyoming) before, and the show was supposed to start at 6:30 on a Tuesday night at a small coffee shop.  Plus, no local bands were playing with us either.  We set up and waited.  Aaaaaaand no one came.  So we packed up and left.  The staff was very kind and apologetic though, which was nice.  We ended up turning the night into a little party with comfort foods and a cheap hotel room.  In the end, it felt good to just rest for a bit.  The next night we played an AMAZING show in Laramie, WY, which is 45 minutes from Cheyenne, so it all turned out fine anyway.  

We still do have more midwest and northeast shows coming up in the next month-ish, so please come out if you're nearby any of those places.  

However long you've been a fan of ours, thank you so much.  Right now, it really feels like big things are on the horizon.  Still a ways off, but they're coming.  Thank you for being a part of this.  

New music video!

It's for "Sexuality and My Decisions Concerning Sexuality (Both Good And Bad)".  Enjoy.

New shirts!

We have some new shirts available!  Come to an upcoming show this fall in order to get one.  


We're gonna break a world record


Elizabeth and I are going to attempt to break the world record for "Fastest to Play a Concert in Each of the 50 States"! We're going to attempt this February through April in 2019. We have just begun booking and we'd love for you to be involved.

We're looking for places to play. If you love a venue near you we should check out, let us know! If you want us to come play in your house, let us know! If you know a person who knows a person who knows a person who books a bar/coffee shop/DIY space/whatever, let us know!

As long as we can play our show in a space, we want to come to that space. We can't go everywhere, and only one show per state, but if you'd like to point us in the right direction for your home state, email us at

Thanks everyone!  This should be a good time.

The Touring Test gif

Elizabeth made a Touring Test comic recently about a cat.  It went a little viral on facebook, which was fun.  Now some random person in the world made it a gif.  Fun times, we thought we'd share.



Eric on "Let God Die" podcast

Hey everyone, so I was interviewed by the good folks at the "Let God Die" podcast, which is an awesome show about questioning everything.  I really loved the conversation we had.  We got pretty in depth about my past/present with theology and all sorts of thoughts on the matter.  There is even a joke or two in there as well.  

Take a listen!

It was probably my favorite interview I've ever done.  If you like the stuff in our songs "Foggy Mess", "Sink", and others in that direction, this'll be a good listen for you.

Pocket Vinyl on Flat Nickel

The underground music podcast Flat Nickel (which you really should be listening to) interviewed us a couple weeks ago, which is now out there in the world.  It was very fun interview to be a part of it, and I hope you enjoy this little window into our lives.

Check it out on iTunes.

Here's a picture of us with the hosts!

Listen to "Fear Of Life" with us

"Old Sun" is out tomorrow to all our Patreon supporters.  Become one of them today!

"Death Anxiety" fan made music video

So this awesome PV super-fan Jonas made a music video for our song "Death Anxiety" for a film class he's a part of.  It even impressively features animation that mimics the album cover.  Both Elizabeth and I are incredibly amazed by this and feel incredibly honored by it.  Thanks Jonas!  

You should also check it out:

Our NEW new album "Old Sun" out June 1

Listen to our new song "Logic" while Elizabeth makes the album cover art:

We have our second new album of 2018 coming out on June 1!  It's called "Old Sun" and it's available only through our new Patreon page!

For those who don't know, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform but instead of us asking for a big chunk of support once, we're asking for a little bit of support month to month.  It's a pretty sweet platform, and we have decided to finally make use of it.  With our The Touring Test webcomic, a bunch of videos we want to make, podcasts about each album, a graphic novel we're working on, a Guiness World Record we intend to break.....we have a lot of stuff happening in the coming year.

And we want you to be a part of it.  

Click here and check out our goals, your potential rewards, and join in this adventure.

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